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Introducing Dorico Pro 5 professional music notation software

Dorico Pro 5 is a powerful music notation software designed to meet the needs of professional composers, arrangers, and musicians. Developed by Steinberg, it offers a comprehensive suite of advanced tools and features that streamline the composition, arrangement, and presentation of musical works.

With its sophisticated scoring engine, Dorico Pro 5 accurately captures and notates musical input, ensuring precise representation of even the most intricate compositions. Its intuitive interface and customizable layout options allow users to create visually stunning and easy-to-read sheet music.

Dorico Pro 5 goes beyond traditional notation software with its integrated audio engine, providing realistic playback of compositions. Users can enhance their music with virtual instruments and effects, creating expressive performances that captivate listeners. Collaboration is made effortless with Dorico Pro 5's sharing and collaboration features. The software supports various file formats, facilitating seamless exchange of projects and ideas among musicians, producers, and engravers.

Please note: this is an education licence for students and teachers only. Proof of eligibility is required.

This is supplied as a physical boxed item.

What's new in Dorico Pro 5?

Streamlined Workflow:
Dorico Pro 5 introduces a range of enhancements to streamline your workflow. With improved navigation and search functionalities, you can quickly find and access specific sections of your scores. The new Global Staff Sizes feature allows you to control the size of multiple staves simultaneously, saving you time and effort when adjusting layout and formatting.

Enhanced Playback and Expression Maps:
Experience even more realistic and nuanced playback with Dorico Pro 5. The software now supports native integration with the Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL), offering enhanced compatibility and improved playback quality for VSL users. Additionally, the new Expression Maps Editor provides a user-friendly interface to create and customize expression maps, giving you precise control over articulations, dynamics, and other musical expressions.

Expanded Notation Features:
Dorico Pro 5 expands its already impressive array of notation capabilities. With the new Polyphonic Trill feature, you can easily notate trills on multiple notes within a single trill line. The Condensing feature has been enhanced to provide even greater control and flexibility when combining instrument parts, optimizing the layout for clarity and readability. Moreover, the new Comprehensive Project Import feature allows you to import XML, MIDI, and MusicXML files with improved fidelity, preserving more of the original notation and layout.

Improved MusicXML Support:
Dorico Pro 5 introduces significant improvements to MusicXML import and export functionality. Now you can seamlessly transfer your scores between different music notation software, preserving more details and formatting during the conversion process. This enhanced interoperability makes collaboration with users of other notation programs more efficient and reliable.

Expanded Playback and VST Support:
Dorico Pro 5 offers expanded support for virtual instruments and effects. The new support for MIDI automation allows you to control and manipulate VST plug-in parameters directly within Dorico. You can now also take advantage of the MIDI Learn function, enabling easy assignment of MIDI controllers to specific parameters for real-time performance and recording.

An overview of Dorico 5

Dorico 5 is a versatile music notation software that excels in composing, arranging, performing, sharing, publishing, and learning. Its advanced features, intuitive interface, and extensive resources make it a valuable tool for composers, arrangers, performers, educators, and music enthusiasts. Discover the possibilities of Dorico 5 and elevate your musical creations to new heights.

Compose with creative freedom

Dorico 5 provides composers with a rich set of tools to unleash their creativity. From simple melodies to complex orchestral arrangements, the software offers an intuitive interface that allows you to focus on your musical ideas. With its advanced notation capabilities and intelligent input features, Dorico 5 accurately captures and notates your compositions, ensuring that your musical vision is realized with precision.

Simplify arranging with efficiency

Whether you're arranging music for a small ensemble or a large orchestra, Dorico 5 streamlines the arranging process. Its powerful features allow you to manipulate and reorganize musical elements effortlessly. The intelligent condensing technology automatically optimizes the layout and formatting of multiple instruments, saving you time and effort. With Dorico 5, you can create clear and beautifully presented arrangements, ready for performance.

Elevate performances with realism

Dorico 5 seamlessly integrates with digital audio workstations (DAWs) and supports VST plug-ins, enabling you to enhance your compositions with virtual instruments and effects. This integration allows you to create realistic playback of your music, transforming your compositions into expressive performances. Whether you're a composer, performer, or producer, Dorico 5 provides the tools you need to bring your music to life.

Effortlessly share and collaborate

Sharing your music is made easy with Dorico 5's flexible options. You can import and export projects with other music software, ensuring compatibility and seamless collaboration with colleagues and collaborators. Dorico 5 supports a wide range of file formats, allowing you to share your compositions in various ways, from printed scores to digital formats, making it effortless to exchange musical ideas and work together on projects.

Publish polished scores with precision

Dorico 5 empowers you to publish your music with professional quality. The software offers powerful layout and formatting tools to create beautifully notated sheet music. You can customize the appearance of your scores, adjusting fonts, spacing, and other visual elements to achieve the desired aesthetic. Whether you're preparing music for performance, publication, or distribution, Dorico 5 provides the tools to create stunning scores that represent your musical vision with clarity and elegance.

Enhance learning with comprehensive resources

Dorico 5 is accompanied by an extensive range of resources to support your learning journey. The software provides comprehensive video tutorials, user guides, and a vibrant online community where you can connect with other users, share ideas, and seek guidance. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, these resources help you explore advanced techniques, master the software's features, and refine your music notation skills.

Which is the right Dorico product for me?

Dorico Elements vs Dorico Pro:

Dorico Pro is the premium product, with professional level tools, sounds and customization. Dorico Elements comes with lower levels of functionality. For example, it comes with fewer sounds included and a smaller variety of engraving options. However, Elements is still a great piece of software for students and home users, a solid option for those on a lower budget.

For schools and education institutions looking to buy new licences:

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