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Introducing our Orchestral music stand range

Chamberlain Music offers the best selection of music stands for small and large groups. Need a reliable set of music stands for your school at a low price? Selecting the best professional music stands for your concert venue? Need an orchestral music stand but have limited space? We have you covered! Read more...

Introducing our Orchestral music stand range

Chamberlain Music offers the best selection of music stands for small and large groups. Need a reliable set of music stands for your school at a low price? Selecting the best professional music stands for your concert venue? Need an orchestral music stand but have limited space? We have you covered!

We hold huge stocks of stands from Hercules, Lawrence, Manhasset, Musisca, and Rat Stands. Chamberlain Music offers impressive quantity discounts to schools, institutions and venues, so you always get the best price for bulk education purchases.

Buy music stands for education

When it comes to buying stands for your school, we know that they have to last for years without bits falling off, look great in concerts, stack away into a small cupboard and most importantly, come in under budget!

Our LMS07 Opus orchestral music stand ticks all of these boxes and is a very popular choice with schools. A large, lightweight music desk can hold lots of orchestral music and the matte black finish looks great in the performance hall. Yet, the folding tripod base means this stand will compact down for convenient storage – a great feature for schools with limited cupboard space. Need 10, 20 stands or more? Take advantage of our quantity discounts making this stand even more affordable for schools and institutions.

Much like the LMS07, the MUSICA orchestral music stand features a convenient foldable base. The MUSISICA27 orchestral stand also comes with ergonomic height and angle adjustment clasps for easy setup and packdown. It has a solid desk so no light can spill through from behind the stand – perfect for the stage! It also folds down to just 56cm in height so can be stored and transported with no fuss.

The Hercules stacking orchestra stand features an EZ height adjustment grip so you can adjust with one hand without having to put down your instrument. It has a solid desk and is easily stackable to save on important storage space. If you are looking for a set of 12 or more, we recommend the Hercules stacking orchestra stand bundle – you are supplied with 12 stands and a stacking stand cart is included.

RAT stands orchestral music stands

RAT stands offer the highest professional quality stands at an affordable price. It’s no wonder you’ll increasingly find these stands in performance venues and concert halls across the UK, as well as in plenty of schools, colleges, universities, music hubs and more. Now creating the benchmark in orchestral music stands, best of all you will be buying British designed and made stands from a UK company.

All RATstands music stands have storage trolleys available for compact and convenient storage. Schools and orchestras love them.

The RAT stands Performer3 music stand – perfect for schools and orchestras
Unbreakable stand with tray that does ring when knocked
Adjustable stem friction locks – tighten or loosen the screw to adjust the stiffness of the motion
Quick release tray with convenient cable tidy to keep organised and safe on stage
Rubber feet protect flooring and ensures stand stays rooted to the floor
Optional additional shelf lip to store pencils, accessories, and small instruments
Buy a box of 6 stands and save money – perfect for updating your school orchestras stand collection!
Unique base design ensures stability and enables stands sto nest next to each other for compact storage
A stand trolley is available for up to 18 stands so you can easily transport and store stands

RAT-90Q02  RAT Performer3 stand
RAT-90Q2    RAT Performer3 stand carton of six stands saving packaging and cost
RAT-90Q3    RAT Performer 3 stand additional Lip shelf
RAT-59Q2    RAT Performer3 storage trolley

The RAT stands Alto music stand – compact, stylish, and functional
Ideal for school or college practice rooms.
Huge range of height adjustments, greater than any other stand on the market – short enough for young student orchestral musicians and tall enough for professional musicians on risers
Friction locks hold the tray at a height and angle of your tuning- no knobs, clasps and no hassle!
Aluminium stem with rubber feet to protect your floor
Can nest in purpose made trolley or simply nest together on a flat floor
Storage trolley is easy to use and robust with braked swivel castors
Buy a carton of 6 to save packaging and cost – a great way for schools and institutions to buy stands

RAT-88Q2       RAT Alto stand in black
RAT-88Q06     RAT Alto stand in black carton of six stands saving packaging and cost.
RAT-88Q04     RAT Alto stand storage trolley for up to 16 stands

RAT stands concert stand in beech – classic stand in a contemporary style
Elegant wooden tray with slender metal stem – perfect for any concert hall
Popular with the top performance venues and used by professional musicians across the UK
Friction locks hold the tray at your desired height
Base made from tubular steel to save weight whilst still being strong and rigid
Unique base design means you can compactly store these stands away
Use RAT-59Q2 stand trolley to store and transport up to 18 concert stands – perfect for travelling professional orchestras and busy concert venues
The concert stand can be customised to your requirements – include specially stained trays to match the interior of your performance venue. Contact us to find out more!

Manhasset orchestral music stands – the first choice for schools and orchestras since 1935

 The Manhasset stand is synonymous worldwide with quality and reliability and has been almost 90 years, which is why you’ll find Manhasset music stands in the top concert venues, schools, universities, opera houses, and symphony halls across the globe. This is also why we offer a lifetime warranty guarantee with any purchase. Buy a Manhasset stand and you’ll never have to buy another stand again!

The Manhasset Symphony music stand
This is the base for which the Tall, Concertino, Orchestral, and Director music stands are based. Very easy to setup, the sturdy base design is popular for permanent use in concert halls and schools, as well as individuals looking for a sturdy home stand.

All desks are made from solid aluminium and feature knob free angle and height adjustment. Cartons of 6 are also available for the Symphony Stand, Orchestral, Voyager, Harmony, and Director stands. These are the perfect way to purchase stands in bulk for your school or orchestra and save money. Great quantity discounts are also available on other stands such as the Tall and Concertino Symphony stands.

The Classic Symphony stand – the best all round permanent music stand. Aluminium desk can hold up to 4kg of music and the all-steel welded base offers excellent stability.

The Tall Symphony stand – an extra tall version of the Symphony stand. Perfect for standing musicians, double bassists, or musicians on risers. Minimum and maximum extensions are 30cm higher than the Symphony stand.

The Symphony Concertino stand – perfect for the seated musician. Exactly the same as the Symphony, just with a shorter vertical extension of 41cm to 71cm, lip to floor. Ideal for younger musicians in school, seated musicians in chamber ensembles or orchestras.

The Orchestral Symphony Stand  all the features of the Symphony stand with an extra lip for storing pencils and accessories. Orchestral musicians love them as it means their music stand trays stay clutter free!

The Director stand – double layer desk for book storage. A brilliant feature for conductors and music directors, the extra storage space behind the tray is perfect for storing spare music, books, stationery and other accessories.

The Manhasset Voyager music stand
Similar to the Hercules and Musisca stands, the Voyager features the sturdy qualities of a standard orchestral music stand with the benefits of a foldable base. Perfect for travelling musicians and groups, it has the same adjustable desk of the Symphony stand, yet is completely portable!

The Manhasset Harmony music stand
Everything is the same as the Symphony stand with the addition of a v shaped base to make these easily stackable. Particularly popular with schools and institutions with limited storage – 24 will fit in just 6 feet of space!

Storage trolleys are available for the Symphony and Harmony stands. The MAN1920 and MAN1910 storage carts fit up to 13 or 25 Symphony stands and the MAN1980 fits up to 15 Harmony stands

If you are looking to purchase multiple music stands for your school, college, orchestra, or concert venue – do get in touch and our sales department can help you find the right stands for you.

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