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Introducing our soprano ukulele range

Soprano is the most common ukulele size consisting of four strings: G, E, C and A. The ukulele is a great addition to your music department if you’re looking for a fun way to engage your students in group music lessons, and their bright sound and four string design is easy and accessible to play for primary, KS1 and KS2 classes. Read more...

Introducing our soprano ukulele range

Soprano is the most common ukulele size consisting of four strings: G, E, C and A. The ukulele is a great addition to your music department if you’re looking for a fun way to engage your students in group music lessons, and their bright sound and four string design is easy and accessible to play for primary, KS1 and KS2 classes.

At Chamberlain Music, we offer a wide range of soprano ukuleles that are great in quality and price, perfect for not only educational use but community use, as they make for a brilliant addition to any ukulele group. We are also sure to offer quantity discounts for those that are buying in large quantities, such as teachers and ukulele group organisers.

We are proud to supply a variety of ukuleles from top quality brands, such as Octopus Ukulele, Mahalo, Fender, Tanglewood and FZone, meaning you can easily find the soprano ukulele that is just right for you!

Octopus soprano ukuleles – the best education ukulele

Octopus was established as a brand in 2013, and since then has been providing top quality instruments to encourage a love for music in people of all ages. At Chamberlain Music, we have always been sure to have plenty of Octopus products in stock, because we believe that the Octopus Academy range is the best student ukulele on the market. Our range of Octopus soprano ukuleles also come in a vast variety of designs and colors, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

By far our most popular ukulele, the UK205-NAT Octopus soprano ukulele in natural finish is constantly in high demand to schools, institutions, music hubs, ukulele groups, and young beginners across the country and beyond. We also supply a wide selection of coloured finishes for the Octopus Academy series ukuleles - light blue (burst available), purple (burst available), candy apple red, dark blue (burst available), green, pink, red burst, metallic black, matte black, old violin burst and yellow. For some extra fun designs, we also have a union jack flag design and an Octopus Academy graphic design available in red, blue and yellow.

Perfect for education, the Octopus Academy soprano ukulele that comes with colored strings makes learning and teaching the ukulele even easier.

The Octopus Crackle ukulele features a unique finish created by a technique called Craquelure and comes in red & white, light blue & white or white & black.

We also supply a range of step up ukuleles for those players that have started on the Academy range and are now looking for something with even better tone for the next stage of their playing journey. First is the Octopus Rosette ukulele which also comes available with a wave motif design. From Octopus we also supply a mahogany spruce top ukulele, open pore, zebrawood, , flamed maple solid cedar top, solid mahogany, and ebony so you can go from beginner, step up the Rosette range and go further with better woods, quality components and attractive designs.

Our range of Octopus soprano ukuleles also feature some electro-acoustic ukuleles for those that wish to play in larger venues or just want to be able to plug in, available in a classic natural finish, the rosette design, or with a solid mango top.

For teachers looking to buy for their music department, we also have available a pack of 12 and 24 Octopus Academy soprano ukuleles which come in a range of colors for your students, meaning you can get your whole class involved in musical activities in your lessons that will truly get them engaged. Our Octopus Ukulele packs are the best and most cost effective way to buy ukuleles for your school

All our soprano Octopus ukuleles come supplied with a bag (Octopus soprano ukulele bags are also available separately on our site) so you can carry your ukulele around or keep it stored in the classroom without having to worry about it being damaged, and they are also fitted with high quality Aquilla strings so you can get the best playing experience straight out the box!

If you want to see what others think of Octopus ukulele before purchasing, you can find enthusiastic reviews from customers here!

Mahalo soprano ukuleles

Mahalo is the top selling ukulele brand in many countries and provide great quality instruments that are perfect for all players. Established in 1999 by Kikutani Music, Mahalo ukuleles are the most played in the world, and since being established have been providing fantastic ukuleles for beginners, teachers, students, and professionals and more.

We have available the Mahalo rainbow ukulele which is supplied with a free carry bag and comes in a choice of yellow, black, blue, orange, pink, purple, red, white, green and light blue, these fun colors being a perfect choice for any music classroom or ukulele group.
For teachers looking to buy for their classroom or ukulele club, there is the Mahalo Rainbow soprano ukuleles school pack, which features 24 fantastic ukuleles in fun, mixed colors that are sure to brighten up lessons!

Fender soprano ukuleles

Fender is the world’s largest guitar manufacturer, and since 1946 they have been producing top quality instruments. Fender’s instruments are brilliant for musicians of all ages and levels, from beginners to hobbyists and professionals, and their ukuleles are a great choice for guitarists deciding to try their hand at the ukulele due to the familiar feel of their iconic designs.

The Fender Venice soprano ukulele is a perfect example of Fender’s brilliant quality, with a pull-through bridge to make changing strings easier and a 4-in-line Tele headstock that acts as a stylish reflection of the classic Fender style, available in a black and natural finish. This ukulele is perfect for players looking for a stylish, sleek instrument for individual use or for when you’re playing with your ukulele group.

Tanglewood soprano ukuleles

Tanglewood are the winner of the Music Industry UK’s All Time Best Selling Acoustic Guitars award, and they are constantly pushing to innovate and bring forward the best quality instruments, and this ambition can be seen in the quality of their soprano ukuleles.
The Tanglewood Tiare 1 soprano ukulele features a beautiful mahogany body and die cast chrome machine heads, and also includes a natural satin finish, giving it a sleek design great for beginners that want a stylish start to their ukulele journey. For a slightly darker appearance, we also supply the Tanglewood Tiare 2 soprano ukulele, crafted with a black walnut body and fitted with Aquila Nylgut strings.

More of our soprano ukuleles

Other products we have available are the FZone spruce gloss soprano ukulele, which features a high-quality spruce plywood top and covered geared machine head tuners, the arched back giving the best possible sound projection to ensure your playing is effectively carried when performing, perfect for performers in ukulele groups.
The student quality junior ukulele pack of 10 is then a fantastic choice for schools, institutions, and music hubs, made from good quality woods that are easy to tune for younger players. This pack is also available in natural yellow, dark blue and mixed colors.


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