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Our services to schools

Chamberlain Music was formed in 1990 and has grown over the past three decades to become one of the foremost music education suppliers in the UK.

We have around forty staff based mainly in Haslemere, Surrey. Many of our staff are experienced musicians, with a wealth of experience both in schools and in professional performance.

2023-2024 Catalogue for UK and International Schools & Colleges

Director of Education William Thompson speaks on the 'Music Teachers in International Schools' podcast

Our showrooms and offices

We are based in Haslemere, Surrey, UK, where we have a large showroom and offices for our marketing department, education sales, publishing, accounts, and distribution teams.

Our warehouse and distribution centre

Our 35000 sq.ft warehouse is situated in the Kings Road Industrial estate, directly opposite our showroom and offices and connected by a peer-to-peer fibre connection.

We have two raised internal loading bays, piano workshops, and piano frame spray shop, lots of pallet storage space and a modern distribution packing department. We have a team of ten experienced and committed warehouse staff booking stock in and shipping goods to all across the UK and further afield.

Our Services to International schools

We are a leading supplier to the education sector and have provided instruments and equipment to almost every educational institution in the UK, more than 20,000 schools.

In recent years we have gained many new customers from further afield including many British international schools in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Far East.

Consultancy and Design

We have many years’ experiences in planning and developing new creative facilities for schools and colleges.

Our director of Education, William Thompson works closely with designers to arrive at the best solution ensuring that projects are implemented efficiently, one time and on budget.

Setting the standard for order fulfilment

Our fulfilment and dispatch operation has been developed and refined over many years. We work extremely hard to make sure every order possible is processed and dispatched on the same working day. Order tracking and email notification is all part of the service.

Every item is scanned on entry and exit, and we have CCTV that monitors all booking in and as items are placed in cartons before shipping to our customers. This minimises the chances of human error and ensures near perfect accuracy!

FREE storage and call off service

When you don't have the space at school it's reassuring to know we have ample space in our modern and secure warehousing facilities. This means you can still take advantage of our amazing bulk discounts, and we can forward your goods whenever they are needed. Contact us for more details.

Warehousing and consolidation: a real one-stop shop!

We can offer a consolidation service where schools can make purchases from various suppliers in the UK but ship the complete order in a single part or full container load from our warehouse in Haslemere. You can use your own shipping agents and freight management or leave it all to us to arrange.

Our team

We employ talented musicians, skilled technicians, and music industry experts, and we're delighted to share our collective knowledge and skills with customers whenever the opportunity arises.

Our team includes specialists in piano, woodwind, and brass, stringed and plucked instruments, orchestral and classroom percussion and of course Music technology. When you contact our sales department, you can be certain that you will receive sound advice. We like to think that the test of a good supplier is the after-sales service - ours is second to none.


We manufacture and purchase musical instruments from over twenty countries and increasingly from Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, South Asia, and the Far East. Our team goes to great lengths to purchase products from ethical and cost-effective sources.

Transportation costs and taxes can affect the bottom line, so we take care to order efficiently, minimising hidden costs. We are committed to sustainable procurement, taking into account the impacts of environmental, economic, and social factors along with price and quality. We are working with the help of our supply partners to minimise our purchases of single use plastics (SUPs) and are always looking to source better and more sustainable choices for our products.

Honestly Made Products from Percussion Plus

We have developed a range of percussion products that are manufactured in independent family workshops in countries including Bolivia, Chile, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Morocco, Nepal, Senegal, Thailand and Tibet.

We use lots of recycled materials in our production and often in our packaging when we import and ship them on to our customers. We are loyal and reasonable in all dealings; we negotiate a fair price – never impose one. Most of our suppliers are too small to join Fair Trade groups or are located in countries that do not have such organisations, however they all follow Fair trade principles.

Chamberlain Pianos

Dominic Barnett, our piano, and keyboard sales manager of 15 years, is committed to providing the best possible advice towards making those all-important piano purchases. His friendly professional approach offers guidance and assurance.

There are so many variables in choosing a piano, mellow or bright tone, heavy or light touch and plenty of personal preferences. We have a team including a polyester expert and a number of skilled technicians who bespoke prepare every piano for optimum performance. Today's marketplace is incredibly competitive, and we aim to give sound advice as well as the very best possible prices.

Sheet music and publishing

The Chamberlain Music name is well respected in the world of music publishing and, in particular with sheet music distribution.

Over recent years the landscape of the music publishing world has changed, today we offer a personal service exclusively for schools, choirs, orchestras, teachers, and libraries - and this makes us the preferred choice for many of the UK’s top educational institutions.

CyberSmart certification

Looking after our data and our customers data has never been more important and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Our company has been accessed by CyberSmart certification body and has met all the requirements of the Cyber Essentials Scheme. Read more here

The Chamberlain Music Teacher Hub

Launched in September 2023, and there to encourage teachers and those with an interest in music education to write and share articles that are of interest to our community. If you would like to contribute to these pages, we would love to hear from you. Visit the Teacher Hub

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