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The items that are shown on this page have been selected for their suitability and in support of planning delivery of your music education curriculum. At Chamberlain Music we want to share knowledge gleaned from over 30 years supplying instruments and accessories to schools and educational institutions across the UK and worldwide.

The UK national curriculum for music aims to ensure that all pupils:
  • Perform, listen to, review, and evaluate music across a range of historical periods, genres, styles, and traditions, including the woks of the great composers and musicians.
  • Learn to sing and to use their voices, to create and compose music on their own and with others, have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, use technoloy appropriately and have the opportunity to progress to the next level of musical excellence.
  • Understand and explore how music is created, produced, and communicated, including through the interrelated dimensions: pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure, and appropriate musical notations.

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