Electric ukuleles


Introducing our range of electric ukuleles

We have a range of electro-acoustic ukuleles for beginners, to step up models and intermediate quality ukuleles with top end features. The electro-acoustic ukulele can be played without an amp, but when you need to fill a bigger space or play with other louder instruments you can plug it into an amp and turn up the volume! Read more...

Introducing our range of electric ukuleles

We have a range of electro-acoustic ukuleles for beginners, to step up models and intermediate quality ukuleles with top end features. The electro-acoustic ukulele can be played without an amp, but when you need to fill a bigger space or play with other louder instruments you can plug it into an amp and turn up the volume!

The electric ukulele models are great for ukulele groups, schools bands, accompanying singers, and more.

Electric options for Soprano, Concert and Tenor ukuleles
All our electro-acoustic ukuleles have a single coil pick-up with a 6.35mm jack socket
All octopus electric ukuleles come supplied with their very own gig bag
Budget options for beginners
Easy-to-operate volume and tone controls

If you intend to play your ukulele on a stage then an electro-acoustic would be an ideal choice for you. They are also great for those who play in a band or use effects pedals to create your own music.

Our range of Octopus electro-acoustic ukuleles

Established in 2013, our Octopus brand produces top quality instruments to encourage a love for music in people of all ages. At Chamberlain Music we have always been sure to have plenty of our Octopus products in stock so you can always find exactly what you are looking for.

All our electric ukuleles have been built to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Each component has been carefully constructed with tuning pegs that are geared like a guitar, so they hold their pitch for considerably longer. Each ukulele comes fitted with Aquila Nylgut strings as standard which are the best in the world for intonation and tone.

UK205E Academy electro-acoustic soprano ukulele

We offer an electric version of our most popular UK205 Octopus Acadmy soprano ukulele in a natural finish which is constantly in high demand to schools across the country. With a simple and no-fuss system, our UK205E electric ukulele is supplied in a classic natural finish for a fantastic looking instrument perfect for ukulele clubs, music hubs, or anyone just getting into the ukulele.

The pickup, like all our electro-acoustic ukuleles, is a single coil with a large 6.3mm jack end pin socket. With one tone and one volume control, you can simply plug in and play. 

UK215CE Academy electro-acoustic concert ukulele:

The next step up in size from the soprano ukulele, we also produce an electro-acoustic version of the Octopus academy UK215C-NAT concert ukulele. Again, with a classic natural finish and refined production for class beating construction and finish, the electric version of this ukulele has been designed with well-crafted tone woods which produce a warm and resonant sound.

The Rosette electric ukulele range

A truly stunning collection of step-up ukuleles which feature eye catching, intricate laser etched designs with quality features such as a NuBone nut and saddle, Aquila Nylgut strings and chrome diecast tuners it also plays like a dream.

Each Rosette ukulele also comes with a quality gig bag to keep your ukulele safe when it is not in use.

UK230SE Octopus Rosette electro-acoustic soprano ukulele
UK230CWE Octopus Rosette electro-acoustic concert ukulele
UK230TWE Octopus Rosette electro-acoustic tenor ukulele

The Octopus Rosette electro-acoustic model features a single coil pickup with volume and tone control knobs. Aimed at progressing students or older beginners, the aesthetic appeal of the branded decorative designs with quality chrome hardware and resonant tone is what sets the rosette models apart from the rest. Simply plug a standard 6.3m jack cable into its socket to connect any amp or PA for that added power needed to fill a larger space.

Our Octopus Premium range:

With electric ukuleles from the Octopus Premium Solid top and All Solid ranges, you can be sure of a fantastic quality ukulele if you are looking to get serious about playing. The stunning finishes make the following electric ukes a great addition to anyone’s instrument collection, especially for ukulele players who are starting looking to perform in larger venues or with a band.

These electro-acoustic ukuleles feature the reputable Fishman ‘Kula’ onboard preamp system - it's high quality active pickups providing an added boost before it even reaches your amp for a faithful reproduction of your sound. Including a built in chromatic tuner, as well as 3 bands of EQ and a volume control knob, simply plug a standard 6.35mm jack cable into its socket to connect any amp for that added power needed to fill larger spaces or even outdoor venues.

Solid Top Range:

The solid tops are specially designed to naturally vibrate to produce a sweet and complex tone. Our Octopus UK470SE Solid Mango electric ukulele is an example of one of our electro-acoustic solid tops that you won’t want to put down. The flowing grain pattern of the mango wood with the high gloss finish creates a kaleidoscope of colours which is accented with a light-coloured rosette.

This contrasts to our Octopus UK465CE Solid spruce top electro-acoustic ukulele which has an equally stunning finish. The dark contrasting light and the deep reddish tones of the pau ferro wood all make this a great choice for someone looking to expand their collection. The simple but very effective design will make your ukulele stand out from the rest.

Both have been made with materials that have been carefully selected for tone production and longevity. The high-quality active pickups provide an added boost before it even reaches the amp for a well-rounded reproduction of your sound. Both also have a 9V battery included.

All solid range:

The natural resonance of the solid wood bodies of these ukuleles provide a fully rounded sound with rich and complex overtones and an impressive projection, especially when plugged into an amp. Similarly, to the solid top range, the side walls have been fully lined for sound projection and a high-quality appearance.

Our UK495TCE All solid acacia electro-acoustic ukulele is robust, yet elegant, this ukulele provides the player with a sense of confidence in the sturdiness of the instrument and also it’s inherent musicality. The open pore finish of this ukulele also shows off the natural beauty of the acacia wood which is accented by the quality features which ensure a quality of build and sound to impress anyone.

Stagg US-30E electro acoustic ukulele:

Stagg has an affordable ukulele series which features great tone and playability. This electric ukulele is a perfect option for both beginner and advancing player. Classic ukuleles are known for their warm tones and the vintage feel and natural sound of this particular model will help provide you with it.

With Sapele back and sides, a mahogany neck and composite walnut fingerboard all provide a classic, natural look. With all this accompanied with metal pegs with black tuning knobs, this ukulele is designed to stay tuned for longer and is built to last.

The pre-amp system of the US-30E comes with three main controls including volume, bass and treble. This comes in handy when you want to change styles mid-performance and you are able to set your own EQ directly from your instrument which is a great feature.

High quality accessories

When buying an electric instrument there are a few accessories that you will need that Chamberlain can help provide you with. We have a wide range of amplifiers which can help provide you with a great sound when performing.

In order to connect your ukulele to an amplifier that you have chosen, you will can to choose a cable that works for you.

All of our accessories for electric instruments are reliable and trustworthy and there is an incredible selection to choose from so you can find something that definitely works for you.

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