Introducing our saxophone range

Learning the sax is an amazing journey, but where to start? What’s the best saxophone for beginners? Which one is the recommended for schools and which one is just right for younger players? Read more...

Introducing our saxophone range

Learning the sax is an amazing journey, but where to start? What’s the best saxophone for beginners? Which one is the recommended for schools and which one is just right for younger players?

Find out more about the brilliant Chamberlain Music saxophone range and find the saxophone which is right for you, with brands including BuffetConn-SelmerElkhartJP Instruments, JupiterNuvoTJ Trevor James, and Yamaha

We also supply an extensive array of saxophone accessories – mouthpiecessaxophone straps, slings or harnessesreedscleaning geargig bags, and stands.

The saxophone family

Bb Soprano saxophone
A great instrument for children to start on, it has the curved and straight varieties. The soprano saxophone is the ideal instrument for young beginners as it is easy to hold, lightweight, and introduces the player to the world of the saxophone.

We have a particular focus on great quality and affordable beginner soprano saxophones, with the Elkhart Classic Bb soprano in both curved and straight as well as the incredibly popular Trevor James ‘The Horn’ Bb soprano outfit favourites for beginner students due to their fluent action, robust construction and free blowing nature.

Eb Alto saxophone
The alto saxophone is the standard for students and teachers across the globe. It is the most common and well known variety within the saxophone family and can be heard in pop music and classical music but has had a particularly prominent role in jazz.

For a beginner saxophone, we highly recommend the Elkhart 100AS alto saxophone outfit as the best value saxophone for the quality of tone and construction. It is also the perfect instrument to kit out you classroom, music hub, school, or education institution, supplied with everything a new saxophonist will need. Elkhart are renowned for their robust and affordable instruments with incredible intonation, essential when you are just starting to learn. The Trevor James Alphasax is also a brilliant lightweight alternative and is erganimically designed for smaller hands.

For those looking to uprgrade their sound and need a step-up instrument, the Yamaha YAS480 alto saxophone is a great place to start. With a little more resistance, a richer tone, and design features taken from professional instruments it can provide the next step without breaking the bank.

Bb Tenor saxophone
Bigger and heavier than the alto with a richer and deeper sound, the tenor is typically a purchased as a second instrument after a few years studying the alto, but can be a great way for the older beginner or adult to start. It can be powerful and expressive or dark and mysterious, suitable for all styles and essential for bigger wind bands and big bands.

If you are just starting out, we would recommend Trevor James The Horn tenor saxophone, based on the design of the original instrument Trevor James released in the 1980’s and supplied as an outfit with everything a new saxophonist needs to start. Also great as a spare instrument for your school jazz band.

For the more experienced player, the Yamaha YTS82Z tenor saxophone is adorned by expert crastmanship throughout – a one piece bell, pin-point accurate tuning, metal resonator pads, the famous Yamaha V1 neck and detailed engraving on the bell. It also comes with case and 4CM Yamaha mouthpiece.

Eb Baritone saxophone
The largest of the common four saxophones this is a must have for saxophone choirs, big bands and pit orchestras. For schools and education institutions looking for an instrument to keep for experienced student saxophonists to play in the school big band or show band, the Conn-Selmer Avant baritone saxophone is a great middle ground, with a yellow brass construction and a sturdy case it will easily survive the music department cupboard.

Yamaha YDS-150 digital saxophone

The Yamaha YDS-150 digital saxophone may look like a soprano saxophone, but it is so much more. Combining the best of Yamahas acoustic and digital technologies, it feels just like a regular saxophone to play and uses a regular saxophone mouthpiece, whilst giving you full control over volume and expression. 73 sounds, 56 saxophone voices and a full range of additional instruments all on top of the standard soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone voices, all fully customisable through the smartphone app.

Young saxophonists – no need to wait!

Smaller and younger saxophonists don’t need to wait to start playing. Our Nuvo jSax is a great step up from a recorder or as an introduction to wind playing. It’s specially designed for KS1 and KS2 aged children with clever classroom proof features. And with brilliant quantity discounts, it’s a great way to introduce a full classroom of musicians to the joys of woodwind playing.

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