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Our Honestly Made sustainability promise

Written by Tom Wild16/02/24

Chamberlain Music takes immense pride in offering the Honestly Made range by Percussion Plus. Introduced in 2020, these instruments emanate from small independent workshops, often nestled in rural landscapes, all adhering to fair-trade principles. With a collection now spanning over 100 handcrafted percussion products, sourced primarily from regions across Africa, Asia, and South America, Honestly Made represents a commitment to global craftsmanship and ethical sourcing.

Since its inception, sustainability has been one of the key tenets of the Honestly Made ethos. Percussion Plus actively pursues initiatives to minimize single-use plastics, opting instead to repurpose discarded plastic and natural minerals in crafting many of the Honestly Made goods.

We’re always working to ensure that we uphold our end of the sustainability bargain. While we've long employed recycled materials in both production and packaging, we've recently adopted Glassine paper bags for all the situations where we need to individually package items. These bags are made from wood pulp that has been pressed, dried, and processed to ensure that all the fibres face the same direction, resulting in a smooth semi-transparent surface.

Glassine's sustainable credentials are compelling; it is essentially made of paper and therefore has full recyclability and, crucially, biodegradability like any conventional paper products. Customers can dispose of these glassine paper bags in the same way they would any other card or paper item, including them in their recycling collection. Glassine's translucent qualities allow it to comprehensively replace clear plastic, making it a ground-breaking and eco-friendly packaging initiative, and we love it!

Naturally, we don’t want to let perfectly good pre-existing packaging go to waste, so if you are an Honestly Made customer you might still receive products in classic, non-glassine packaging. If you do, rest assured that your order has contributed to our collective waste management mission.

And if you receive anything in the new glassine packaging, please go ahead and recycle it to help us on our journey towards a more sustainable future.