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Percussion Plus Honestly Made - ethical, sustainable, fair

Written by Adam Smith20/10/23

For nearly 30 years, Chamberlain Music has proudly supplied Percussion Plus instruments, which now include the Honestly Made range. These instruments are from developing countries in Africa, Asia, and South America, and they represent ethical practices, environmental awareness, and cultural diversity.

The Characteristics of Honestly Made

"The musical instruments that we supply for the Honestly Made range are handmade in many different developing countries such as Peru, Ghana, and Mali, and Vietnam. They are typically made in small, family-run workshops in rural areas where locals have been able to utilise naturally existing materials and traditional techniques to produce products of great musical and aesthetic value.

In some places, like North Vietnam, this kind of work is a welcome supplement to the cycles of rice planting and harvesting. In others, like Peru, it has enabled successful workshops to be set up and a steady stream of production and new items.

In all of these cases we are proud to be dealing with the communities directly. We have been able to support them over many years and in some cases we are working with a new generation of young artisans.

We always pay for all of the materials, as well as a large deposit up front, and prices are agreed in advance. Materials must be sourced sustainably and many of our instrument makers are using such easily harvested materials as bamboo, gourd, dried seeds and nuts."

- An Honestly Made supplier

Environmental Concerns in Action

Percussion Plus actively works to reduce single-use plastics and repurposes discarded plastic in a variety of Honestly Made goods. Natural materials are highlighted, such as the PP2060 gourd guiro, which is created from genuine Peruvian gourds, and the PP665 Pacay tree seed pod shaker, which is dried and used in its original form.

Exploration of Culture Using Traditional Instruments

Honestly Made instruments serve as passports to many cultures, bringing students on a trip that extends beyond music. The shamanic drum, for example, is traditionally used for spiritual rites and is claimed to allow the shaman to reach a trance state. Similarly, the mysterious Ghanaian caxixi shakers are thought to call positive forces and repel harmful energy. On the other hand, the energetic bhangra dhol bridges the gap between South Asian ancient norms and contemporary musical expressions.

Craftsmanship and Learning in Harmony

Characterised by careful craftsmanship, Honestly Made instruments captivate learners with their vivid designs, encouraging active participation in music education. Recognising the importance of music in overall development, these instruments supplement skills such as memory, teamwork, and coordination. They are ideal for the classroom and teach much more than just music,

A Unified Message

In conclusion, the value of Honestly Made instruments is reflected in ethical decisions, environmental awareness, cultural inclusion, and educational enrichment. Chamberlain Music's commitment to this collection combines craftsmanship, environmental responsibility, and cultural heritage.