TJ33223CD - Trevor James Performer alto flute outfit with curved & straight heads Default title
TJ33223CD - Trevor James Performer alto flute outfit with curved & straight heads Default title
TJ33223CD - Trevor James Performer alto flute outfit with curved & straight heads Default title
TJ33223CD - Trevor James Performer alto flute outfit with curved & straight heads Default title

Trevor James Performer alto flute outfit with curved & straight heads

5056318302997 brand: Trevor James
Stock code: Trevor James TJ33223CD
  • Free blowing student alto flute
  • Triple-plated silver finish
  • Silver-plated headjoint, body and mechanism
  • Silver-plated ‘Y’ arms with closed hole key mechanism
  • Hand over-cutting and undercutting of embouchure hole
  • Supplied with a wooden case with a shoulder strap and fleece-lined case cover
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Info Full description

Introducing the Trevor James Performer Alto flute outfit

The Trevor James Performer alto flute, supplied with a straight and a curved head, is extremely popular with flautists. Given that many flautists are required to quickly pick up on the alto flute whilst doubling, it is essential to buy one which is highly playable and free-blowing. These traits are very prominent in the Trevor James Performer alto flute, which has made it a positively renowned among not just students but all flautists.

Tonal clarity from excellent headjoint design

The heart of this instrument lies in its 925 silver lip and riser headjoint, meticulously designed for optimal resonance and tonal clarity. The free-blowing and highly responsive design ensures that players of all levels can effortlessly explore their musical expression.

Experience superb versatility with hand crafted precision

Choose between curved or straight headjoint options, experiencing the versatility of both with our exclusive double headjoint package. The hand over-cutting and undercutting of the embouchure hole further enhance the instrument's playability, allowing for a nuanced and expressive performance.

Sophisticated keywork and finish

Crafted with a traditional Y arm key design, the Trevor James Performer features a secure mechanism construction with ergonomically designed left and right-hand key mechanisms. The triple-plated finish not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures durability for years of playing enjoyment.

Enjoy the convenience of the closed-hole key mechanism and the absence of the E mechanism, focusing on the fundamentals of your playing. The C footjoint with ergonomically designed touchpieces provides a comfortable and natural feel, making it an ideal choice for students and advancing musicians alike.

A comfortable playing experience

The Trevor James Performer comes with a double skin yellow pads system and hidden adjusting screws, ensuring a reliable and smooth playing experience. The outfit is completed with a wooden case featuring a fleecy lined case cover, a cleaning rod, and a white internal cleaning cloth for easy maintenance.

What's in the outfit?

  • Wooden case
  • Plush-lined case cover with side pocket, carry handle and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Wooden cleaning rod
  • Inner cleaning gauze
  • Microfibre polishing cloth
  • Set of silcone key plugs

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Spec Specification
Tone holes:Extruded
Hole key mechanism:Closed
E mechanism:Without
Lip plate:925 silver
Lip type:Traditional
Silver lip riser:Yes
Pads:Double skin yellow
Headjoint:Free blowing AT cut
Headjoint shape:Curved and straight
Headjoint material:925 silver
Footjoint type:C footjoint with ergonomically design touchpieces
Body tube:Silver-plated
Mechanism:Y arm mechanism
Features:Triple-plated finish
Ergonomically designed left and right hand key mechanism
Traditional Y arm key design
Hidden adjusting screws
Case cover:Fleece-lined
Accessories:Shoulder strap, cleaning rod, cleaning gauze, cloth, silcone key plugs
Instrument weight:680g
Case weight:820g
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