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Samson CM20P gooseneck podium microphone

809164004691 brand: Samson
Stock code: Samson SACM20P
  • Condenser element
  • Cardioid Pickup Pattern
  • 20" gooseneck with flexible top and bottom
  • Internal Selectable Hi-pass filter
  • Flange-mount included
  • Multistage windscreen
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Samson CM20P gooseneck podium microphone
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Info Full description
The CM20P miniature gooseneck microphone is 20" in overall length, and the gooseneck is flexible at the top and bottom with a mid-section stiffener for a straight profile.

It features a permanently charged condenser element with a Cardioid (uni-directional) pick-up pattern, providing good off axis response while maintaining high feedback rejection. The CM20P microphone is fitted with a standard 3-pin male XLR connector at the base for easy installation on standard female XLR connectors or cables. An onboard High-pass filter, at 100Hz, is included, allowing the low frequency response to be attenuated which helps remove background noise, stage rumble and mechanical noise, which can sometimes be transmitted by the speaker at a podium.

The microphone operates on a standard 9 through 52 volt phantom power supply. Each microphone includes a standard and shock-mounted flange for easy installation. A dual-stage, rippled windscreen is also provided to greatly reduce annoying P-popping.

The microphone elements are protected by rugged metal housings and the entire microphone is finished in a low reflectance, matte black finish.

Why a directional cardioid mic?
Every microphone has a characteristic polar pattern that determines how well it accepts or rejects signal coming from various areas around the microphone. For example, omnidirectional mics accept all signals regardless of where those signals originate (in front of the mic, behind it, to the side, etc.).

In contrast, directional cardioid mics are specifically designed to accept mostly signal coming from directly in front, and to reject signal coming from behind or from the side. The cardioid pattern is utilized by the CM20P. For this reason, the CM20P excels in environments where there is a good deal of unwanted ambient sound—it delivers those signals originating directly in front of the mic capsule itself while rejecting those that originate from behind. The polar pattern also determines how prone a particular mic is to inducing feedback. Because the cardioid pattern utilized by the CM20P is so good at rejecting signal coming from the rear of the mic, you’ll find that use of the CM20P greatly minimizes feedback problems.

An ideal podium microphone for speech, conferences and events.20 

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Spec Specification
Element TypeFixed-charge condenser
Polar PatternCardioid (Uni-directional)
Frequency Response60 - 16000Hz
Rated impedance600 ohms
Dynamic range103dB
Power Supply9~52V phantom supply
Power consumption4mA
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