P3913CHP - Zigeunerlieder op. 103 · op. 112; 3-6 Default title

Zigeunerlieder op. 103 · op. 112; 3-6

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Choral score only
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Zigeunerlieder op. 103 · op. 112; 3-6

Choral score only

for 4 Voices
Johannes Brahms / Kurt Soldan

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Contents Contents
Gypsy songs op.103 - No. 1Hey, Zigeuner, take the strings in A minor op. 103; 1
Gypsy songs op.103 - No. 2Towered Rima Flood in D minor op. 103; 2 (1888)
Gypsy songs op.103 - No. 3Do you know when my child in D major op. 103; 3 (1888)
Gypsy songs op.103 - No. 4Dear God, you know F major op. 103; 4 (1888)
Gypsy songs op.103 - No. 5Brown boy leads to the dance in D major op.103; 5 (1888)
Gypsy songs op.103 - No. 6Röslein three in the series in G major op. 103; 6 (1888)
Gypsy songs op.103 - No. 7Sometimes comes to mind in E flat major op. 103; 7 (1888)
Gypsy songs op.103 - no.8Horch, the wind laments in the branches in G minor / G major op. 103; 8 (1888)
Gypsy songs op.103 - No. 9Far and wide nobody is looking at me in G minor / G major op. 103; 9 (1888)
Gypsy songs op.103 - No. 10Brahms, Johannes - Moon covers his face in B flat major op. 103; 10 (1888)
Gypsy songs op.103 - No. 11Rote Abendwolken ziehn D flat major op. 103; 11 (1888)
Gypsy songs op.112 - No. 3Heaven shines so brightly and clearly in D major op.112; 3 (1891)
Gypsy songs op.112 - No. 4Brahms, Johannes - Red rose buds herald F-Durop. 112; 4 (1891)
Gypsy songs op.112 - No. 5Brennessel stands anWeges Rand in F minor / F major op. 112; 5 (1891)
Gypsy songs op.112 - No. 6Liebe Schwalbe, little swallow in D minor / D major op. 112; 6 (1891)
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