OUP-3436879 - Russian Sacred Music for Choirs: Vocal score Default title
OUP-3436879 - Russian Sacred Music for Choirs: Vocal score Default title
OUP-3436879 - Russian Sacred Music for Choirs: Vocal score Default title
OUP-3436879 - Russian Sacred Music for Choirs: Vocal score Default title

Russian Sacred Music for Choirs: Vocal score

9780193436879 brand: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780193436879, Stock code: OUP-3436879 new
for SATB unaccompanied Read more
  • Voicing: SATB
  • Instrumentation: Choir
  • Presents the wonderful repertoire of Russian sacred choral music
  • SATB unaccompanied
  • Covers a wide-ranging repertoire spanning the eighteenth century to the early twentieth century
  • Suitable for performance in concert or during Church services (liturgical descriptions included)
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Russian Sacred Music for Choirs: Vocal score

for SATB unaccompanied

This collection of 27 Russian sacred choral works was compiled and edited by Russian music scholar and choral director Noelle Mann, who was curator of the Prokofiev Archive at the Centre for Russian Music, Goldsmiths College, until her death in 20103436879

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Contents Contents
1KastalskyA Mercy of Peace (Milost' mira)
2GrechaninovBless the Lord, O My Soul (Blagoslovi, dushe moya, Gospoda)
3ChesnokovBlessed is the Man (Blazhen muzh)
4VedelBlessed is the Man (Blazhen muzh)
5ChesnokovCherubic Hymn (Kheruvimskaya pyesn')
6KastalskyCherubic Hymn based on the chant 'The ravaging of Moscow' (Kheruvimskaya pyesn','Na razoryeniye Moskvi')
7BerezovskyDo Not Reject Me in My Old Age (Nye otverzhi menye vo vryemya starosti)
8GrechaninovGentle Light (Svyetye tikhiy)
9KastalskyGentle Light (Svyetye tikhiy No. 3)
10ArkhangelskyI Cry Aloud With My Voice Unto The Lord (Glasom moim ko Gospodu vozzvakh)
11Anonymous Znamenny chant, harmonized by Ossorguine and Kedrov JrIt Is Truly Meet (Dostoyno yest')
12GrechaninovIt Is Truly Meet (Dostoyno yest')
13TchaikovskyLet My Prayer Arise (Da Ispravitsya molitva moya)
14Chesnokov'Lord, Save the Faithful' and Trisagion ('Gospodi, spasi' i Trisvyatoye)
15BortnianskyMany Years (Mnogaya lyeta)
16ProkofievMany Years [TTBB] (Mnogaya lyeta)
17ProkofievMany Years [SATB] (Mnogaya lyeta)
18GolovanovOur Father (Otche nash)
19GrechaninovOur Father (Otche nash)
20SchnittkeOur Father (Otche nash)
21GrechaninovPraise the Name of the Lord (Khvalitye imya Gospodnye)
22ViskovRejoice, O Nicholas, Great Wonderworker (Iz Akafista Svyatityelyu Nikolayu)
23KalinnikovRejoice, O Virgin Mother of God (Bogoroditse Dyevo)
24SviridovSacred Love (Lyubov svyataya)
25RakhmaninovThe ever-vigilant Mother of God (V molitvakh nyeusipayuschuyu Bogoroditsu)
26ChesnokovThe Great Doxology (Slavoslovoye vyelikoye)
27KastalskyThe Great Doxology (Slavoslovoye vyelikoye No. 2)
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