MU2214 - Pack of 6 posters - understanding and exploring the elements of music Default title

Pack of 6 posters - understanding and exploring the elements of music

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  • 6x A1 wallcharts ideal to bring a splash of colour to the classroom wall
  • High quality 200gsm poster paper
  • Includes teachers' notes giving detailed information and suggested lesson plans
  • Pack contains charts for duration, structure, pace and dynamics, pitch, texture, and timbre.
  • Posters feature thought provoking discussion points and analogies
  • Simple definitions and vivid photographs make for easy understanding
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Info Full description
Brighten up the classroom or hallway walls with this set of six A1 posters. All the musical elements highlighted for KS2 in the National Curriculum are covered, and are defined and explored using short memorable phrases and colourful photographs.

Each poster also features an analogy or question designed to encourage discussion and creative thinking.

Understanding music contents:

DurationExploration of rhythm, metre, and syncopation, with example phrases transcribed and highlighted.

Pace and dynamicsPictorial representations of tempo and volume variation framed with lists of keywords.

PitchBuilding a melody and shaping phrases using hgih and low sounds, steps and leaps, scales, and chords.

StructureDefinitions of the overarching plan of a given composition - includes a circular transcription of a round

TextureUsing woven fabric to explain melody, accompaniment, harmony, and counterpoint.

TimbreAn ingenious artistic analogy to explain the variation of sound and colour produced by different instruments.2214

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