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Set of 5 Music Theory Posters - Laminated

5055964134778 brand: Daydream Education
Stock code: Daydream Education MU-S2L
  • 5 x A1 bright and informative wallcharts, perfect for music classroom or hallway display
  • High quality 200gsm poster paper, laminated for extra protection
  • The basics of pitch, rhythm, and simple harmony explained with colour coded diagrams
  • Particularly suitable for KS2
  • Bold text and illustrations make concepts clear and readable
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Info Full description
One of the many outstanding sets of educational posters produced by Daydream Education. As with all their musical collections, posters feature clear concise definitions and explanations accompanied by bold illustrations and bright diagrams.

Music theory contents:

KodalyReference chart for the Kodaly method hand positions and corresponding pitches

Music symbolsDefinitions of key terminology associated with basic stave setup and note values.

Musical notesColour coded noteheads covering a grand staff and their corresponding position on a piano keyboard.

Sharps and flatsAn introduction to accidentals, displayed on a stave and a piano keyboard.

ChordsNaming and deconstructing triads in order to understand basic harmony.2 

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