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Wooden spike anchor for cello and double bass

Ref: MMX MMX-100 new
  • Holds cello or bass spike to stop instrument slipping while playing
  • Protects both floor and instrument
  • Non-slip rubber foam on base with decorative tread for extra grip
  • Effective on all surfaces
  • Beautifully carved wooden design matches the elegance of your cello or bass
  • Small and light - easy to transport
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Info Full description
Stop your cello or bass from slipping while you play - simply place this spike holder on the ground and insert your cello or bass pin into the space in the centre.

The rubbery foam underside is designed to give maximum grip on any surface, from laminate concert halls to bumpy church flagstones. As well as keeping your cello or double bass steady, the rubber will protect the floor against scratches, reduce unwanted buzzing, and could improve your instrument's resonance.

It's made of wood which has been decoratively carved with classy patterns, stained, and highly polished to match your precious instrument. While larger than some other black hole type spike stoppers, it's still small and light enough to fit in your pocket. 
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