L332-212 - Larsen medium cello string A 1/2

Larsen medium cello string A - 1/2

5060349489183 brand: Larsen
Stock code: Larsen L332-212
  • Wound with rolled stainless steel flat wire
  • Solid steel core string
  • High tuning and pitch stability
  • Generates a warm and focused sound
  • Easy string response
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Info Full description
Larsen Original series cello strings are one of the most popular cello strings on the market because of their rich, smooth, powerful sound.

Larsen Fractional series (3/4 to 1/8 size) cello strings are designed to provide a power and projection otherwise only known from full-sized instruments. They are purpose designed, perfectly proportioned versions of the popular Larsen full size Originals.

Both the Original and Fractional series offer great projection, rapid tuning stability and easy string response making them ideal for the classical cello repertoires. The new wire core C and G strings are unmatched in power and warmth of tone.

Larsen Cello Strings have a solid steel core. The A and D strings are wound with a special precision rolled stainless steel flat wire while the G and C strings are wound with tungsten. An E Strings is also available and is wound with aluminium.333112 | 332212 | 332112 | l333112 | l333112 | L332212 | L332112 | L333112

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