K-700-EP - Kawai K-700 upright piano Default title
K-700-EP - Kawai K-700 upright piano Default title
K-700-EP - Kawai K-700 upright piano Default title
K-700-EP - Kawai K-700 upright piano Default title
K-700-EP - Kawai K-700 upright piano Default title
K-700-EP - Kawai K-700 upright piano Default title
K-700-EP - Kawai K-700 upright piano Default title
K-700-EP - Kawai K-700 upright piano Default title
K-700-EP - Kawai K-700 upright piano Default title
K-700-EP - Kawai K-700 upright piano Default title

Kawai K-700 upright piano

4962864747148 brand: Kawai
Stock code: Kawai K-700-EP
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  • Elegant grand piano style design with music desk at eye level
  • Featuring the renowned Millennium III upright action for superb control and stability
  • 130cm tall upright piano in a traditional style cabinet with soft close fallboard
  • NEOTEX key surfaces, as found on Kawai GX Series grands to eliminate slipping
  • Tapered solid spruce soundboard for a rich, resounding tone
  • A powerful and resonant instrument, ideal for the professional musician or teacher
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Info Full description

Introducing the Kawai K-700 upright piano

The K-700 is perfect for those wishing to experience the unsurpassed value of a grand piano but have limited space.

The Kawai K-700 combines quality tone and expression with a traditional grand-style exterior, while standing at an ideal 130cm tall.

Key features such as ABS carbon components, steel reinforced keyslip and sturdy laminated hardwoods makes this piano a great strong, long lasting option.

Millennium III upright action

The ground-breaking millennium III upright action features components made of ABS carbon. ABS carbon is the result of infusing carbon fibre into the renowned ABS styran and creates a lighter structure without sacrificing strength, offering greater power and stability than conventional all-wood actions.

NEOTEX key surface with extended length

The exclusive NEOTEX key surface material combined with the cellulose fibre offers the smooth and understated texture of natural ivory and ebony. This creates a semiporous, silica-filled surface to absorb the hands natural oils, reducing the possibility of slipping. NEOTEX also resists cracking and fading, allowing for years of use and a sustained consistent feel across the entire keyboard.

The longer keys provide an even response from the front to the back of the playing surface, meaning you can play with more control, power and projection, all with great ease.

In other pianos, the keyslip simply consists of a long, thin piece of wood which is liable to warp and bend with changes in humidity. However, to eliminate this problem, the Kawai K-700 contains a heavy-gauge steel angle iron, allowing keys to move more freely with virtually no possibility of rubbing or sticking against the keyslip.

Incredible tone

The solid spruce tapered soundboard marks the heart of the piano, responsible for transforming the vibration of the piano strings into a rich, resounding tone. Kawai uses only straight grained, quartersawn solid spruce, with each soundboard strategically tapered to maximise the tone producing capability. Only the soundboards that meet or exceed Kawai’s high standard of quality are then selected for use in their pianos.

The Kawai K-700 upright pianos are made with lightweight and extremely responsive mahogany hammer mouldings found only on the finest of pianos. All K series hammers are T stapled to preserve hammer shape and fitted with an added interior layer of underfelt to support the creation of exceptional tone.

Strong and built to last

The K series keybeds are made with sturdy laminated hardwoods and reinforced by rear braces on the iron frame to ensure stable placement and add excellent rigidity to the model. This quality design maintains action regulation over years of heavy use.

Made from a custom mould, the die-cast parts are formed exactly the same way each time, ensuring consistent quality. For added strength, uniformity and stability, three die-cast aluminium action brackets are featured in each K series piano.

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Spec Specification
Height130 cm
Width150 cm
Depth62 cm
Weight241 kg
White key surfacesNEOTEX
Black key surfacesNEOTEX
ActionMillennium III
Hammer feltsAll underfelt
Speaking length of no.1 string1,230 mm
Cutoff bar2
Duplex scalingFore
Back posts5
Pedalssoft, muffler, damper
Castersdouble, brass
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