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Chord passive DI box

brand: Chord
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  • A compact passive DI box
  • Perfect for connecting your acoustic instruments to a PA system
  • XLR male connector is a Lo-Z balanced output
  • High impedance input via 6.3mm jack
  • Features a sturdy and lightweight design
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Info Full description

Introducing the Chord passive DI box

DI boxes are essential when connecting acoustic instruments or DJ outputs into the PA system. Balancing the audio signal, the DI box allows longer cable runs and provides additional facilities such as attenuation for stronger signals and polarity switching to correct phase problems.

This is a passive DI box for converting high impedance instrument outputs to low impedance line signals for feeding directly into a mixing console.

Active or passive, what is the difference?

Simply put, an active DI box requires power, and the passive does not. The passive is essentially a transformer, balancing the signal. An active DI box also includes a preamplifier which provides a stronger signal, making them ideal for use with lower-level input signals.

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