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Harmony in Practice

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Harmony in Practice explores the main elements of tonal harmony. Students using this book will acquire a secure knowledge of the basics of harmonic practice. Read more
  • A thorough exploration of the main elements of tonal harmony in workbook format
  • Contains over 280 music examples, and over 180 exercises for working
  • Preparation for Grade 6 -8 theory, A Level and University exams
  • Enables students to acquire a secure knowledge of the basics of harmonic practice
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Harmony in Practice

Harmony in Practice explores the main elements of tonal harmony. Students using this book will acquire a secure knowledge of the basics of harmonic practice.

Singing, playing and completing the exercises, and studying the music examples, will provide essential experience of the ‘tools of the trade’.
More than 280 music examples illustrate the author’s clear and direct exposition of the history and practice of harmony while the student will be able to work through over 180 exercises.

The practical workbook format will enable students to prepare for a variety of musical examinations - for the Associated Board’s Grade 6 to Grade 8 Theory examinations; for A Level Music and Diploma examinations; for university and college entrance papers.
It will serve in particular as a vital aid in bridging the gap between Grade 5 and Grade 6 Theory.

A thorough pursuit of this workbook will also bring a greater understanding to bear on students’ music-making, and will enhance their awareness of style and their appreciation of other musicians’ performances.

Publication date: 02/09/1999
288 pages54728333 

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Contents Contents
An Introduction to Tonal HarmonyAnna Butterworth
Chord LabellingAnna Butterworth
Chapter 1 - TriadsAnna Butterworth
Chapter 2 - Inverting the TriadAnna Butterworth
Chapter 3 - Building chords from TriadsAnna Butterworth
Chapter 4 - Some ‘Rules’ to FollowAnna Butterworth
Chapter 5 - Harmonizing Melodies - the Cadential ProgressionsAnna Butterworth
Chapter 6 - Extending the Triad - the Dominant FamilyAnna Butterworth
Chapter 7 - the 6 over 4 ProgressionsAnna Butterworth
Chapter 8 - Other Presentations of HarmonyAnna Butterworth
Chapter 9 - The Progression of 5thsAnna Butterworth
Chapter 10 - Chord Groups - the Subdominant FamilyAnna Butterworth
Chapter 11 - Scale MovementAnna Butterworth
Chapter 12 - Modulation - its Purpose and PracticeAnna Butterworth
Chapter 13 - Modulation to ‘Remote’ KeysAnna Butterworth
Chapter 14 - Melodic DecorationAnna Butterworth
Chapter 15 - Harmonic DecorationAnna Butterworth
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