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A Romantic Sketchbook for Piano, Book II

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A Romantic Sketchbook for Piano explores the wealth of piano music from the Romantic period in five carefully graded albums. Mostly composed between 1830 and 1930, the pieces in... Read more
  • Instrumentation: Piano
  • Edited by: Alan Jones
  • Imaginative selection from Romantic piano repertoire
  • Carefully graded and offer a variety of keys, time signatures, textures and tempi
  • Variety of moods and styles presented to develop interpretative skills
  • Grade 3-4 standard
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A Romantic Sketchbook for Piano, Book II

A Romantic Sketchbook for Piano explores the wealth of piano music from the Romantic period in five carefully graded albums. Mostly composed between 1830 and 1930, the pieces in these albums have been selected to introduce players to a wide range of music, from works by some of the leading Romantic composers, such as Schumann, Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky, to unfamiliar pieces by lesser-known figures.

Each volume presents a variety of keys, time signatures and textures within a comprehensive range of tempi, which will be invaluable to students in the development of their musical skills. Players will also respond imaginatively to the varying styles and moods offered in these colourful sketchbooks, from the lively dances and mood pictures to the tender songs and gentle serenades.

48 pages
Publication date: 05/09/1996 

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Contents Contents
Little Piece in E flatCésar Franck
Waltz in E, Op. 39 No. 5Johannes Brahms
Impression, Op. 41 No. 108Zdenek Fibich
Soldiers’ March, Op. 47 No. 14Robert Fuchs
Tylette (The Cat)Carlo Albanesi
Miniature Pastoral No. 2Frank Bridge
Study in C minor, Op. 125 No. 16Stephen Heller
Christmas Bells, Op. 36 No. 1Niels Wilhelm Gade
Miniature, Op. 62 No. 8Theodor Kirchner
The Clock on the Wall, Op. 62 No. 2Theodor Kullak
Little Flower, Op. 205 No. 1Cornelius Gurlitt
Cradle Song, Op. 66 No. 7Edvard Grieg
On the Lake, Op. 77 No. 12Heinrich Hofmann
A Puzzle, Op. 25 No. 2Génari Karganov
Study in G, Op. 36 No. 26Aleksandr Fyodorovich Gedike / Philip Harper
Scherzo, Op. 183 No. 5/3Carl Reinecke
First Bunch of FlowersGustave Sandré
The Gossip, Op. 55 No. 4Paul Zilcher
The SailorArthur Somervell
At the Smithy, Op. 8 No. 5Samuil Moiseyevich Maikapar
The Lost Lamb: No. 1 from ‘April Morn’William Alwyn
Study in G minor: No. 5 from ‘The Wheel of Progress’, Op. 74, Book 2Thomas Dunhill
Prayer, Op. 43 No. 2Reyngol'd Moritsevich Glier
Balancelle (See-saw), Op. 149 Book 1 No. 4Benjamin Godard
Alla Pollacca, Op. 48. No. 4Alexandre Guilmant
Study in A, Op. 37 No. 40Henry Lemoine
Study in F, Op. 65 No. 25Albert Loeschhorn
Study in A minor, Op. 340 No. 2Charles Mayer
A little slow Waltz, Op. 11 No. 3Carl Nielsen
Pastoral scene, Op. 10 No. 1Vladimir Ivanovich Rebikov
Waltz in Ab, Op. 9 No. 3, D. 365/3Franz Schubert
Village Merriment, Op. 105 No. 5Eduard Schütt
Donkey Ride: No. 1 from ‘The Young Idea’Felix Swinstead
Le Courante Limpide (The Clear Stream), Op. 100 No. 7Johann Friedrich Franz Burgmüller
Le matin en hiver (Winter morning), Op. 39 No. 2Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky
Reaper’s Song (Schnitterliedchen), Op. 68 No. 18Robert Schumann
Clowns: No. 20 from 24 Easy Pieces, Op. 39Dmitry Borisovich Kabalevsky
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