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A Romantic Sketchbook for Piano, Book I

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A Romantic Sketchbook for Piano explores the wealth of piano music from the Romantic period in five carefully graded albums. Mostly composed between 1830 and 1930, the pieces in... Read more
  • Instrumentation: Piano
  • Edited by: Alan Jones
  • Imaginative selection from Romantic piano repertoire
  • Carefully graded and offer a variety of keys, time signatures, textures and tempi
  • Variety of moods and styles presented to develop interpretative skills
  • ABRSM Piano 2021-22 Grade 2 List B:5 Farewell
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A Romantic Sketchbook for Piano, Book I

A Romantic Sketchbook for Piano explores the wealth of piano music from the Romantic period in five carefully graded albums. Mostly composed between 1830 and 1930, the pieces in these albums have been selected to introduce players to a wide range of music, from works by some of the leading Romantic composers, such as Schumann, Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky, to unfamiliar pieces by lesser-known figures.

Each volume presents a variety of keys, time signatures and textures within a comprehensive range of tempi, which will be invaluable to students in the development of their musical skills. Players will also respond imaginatively to the varying styles and moods offered in these colourful sketchbooks, from the lively dances and mood pictures to the tender songs and gentle serenades.

48 pages
Publication date: 05/09/1996

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Contents Contents
Lesson in F, Op. 487 No. 38Adolf Brunner
Lesson in D, Op. 487 No. 41Adolf Brunner
Study in D, Op. 187 No. 49Carl Czerny
Study in F, Op. 176 No. 17Jean-Baptiste Duvernoy
The Industrious Student, Op. 31 No. 3Hermann Bischoff
Cuckoo, Op. 46 No. 21Emil Breslauer
Water Music, Op. 46 No. 10Emil Breslauer
Waltz, Op. 46 No. 25Emil Breslauer
Roundelay, Op. 39 No. 2Josef Bohuslav Förster
The EchoCarlo Albanesi
Melody (Arabian Air), No. 28 from ‘ABC du piano’Felix le Couppey
Dedication, Op. 138 No. 1Stephen Heller
Study in C, Op. 65 No. 3Albert Loeschhorn
Study in G, Op. 65 No. 9Albert Loeschhorn / Adrian Taylor
Study in C, Op. 50 No. 3Cornelius Gurlitt
Serenade, No. 18 from Album for the Young, Op. 140Cornelius Gurlitt
On the Playground, Op. 210 No. 5Louis Köhler
Piano Piece for the Young, No. 13Heinrich Henkel
New Scene from Childhood, Op. 55 No. 4Theodor Kirchner
Scherzino, No. 112 from ‘Kinder-Klavierschule’Václav Emanuel Horák
A Jolly MomentNikolay Ladukhin
On Reflection, Op. 36 No. 12Aleksandr Fyodorovich Gedike
Lullaby, Op. 36 No. 15Aleksandr Fyodorovich Gedike
A Sad Tale, Op. 39 No. 16Dmitry Borisovich Kabalevsky
Country Dance, Op. 39 No. 17Dmitry Borisovich Kabalevsky
Galloping, Op. 39 No. 15Dmitry Borisovich Kabalevsky
Study in C, Op. 340 No. 1Charles Mayer
Simplicity, Op. 254 No. 10Carl Reinecke
To begin with, Op. 81 No. 1Nicolay von Wilm
Go to sleepGustave Sandré
Study in D, Op. 34 Part II No. 4Moritz Vogel
Who is there? Op. 783 No. 9Antonio Sartorio
Two Frogs, Op. 783 No. 12Antonio Sartorio
On Tip-toe, Op. 783 No. 8Antonio Sartorio
Catch Ball, Op. 35 Book I No. 3Tobias Matthay
Wandering, Op. 109 No. 1Hermann Zilcher
Chinese Statuette, No. 13 from ‘Christmas Gifts’Vladimir Ivanovich Rebikov
Piano Piece for Young and Old, Op. 53 No. 1Carl Nielsen
Plaintive WaltzArthur Somervell
A Quiet MorningSamuil Moiseyevich Maikapar
Pastorale, Op. 100 No. 3Johann Friedrich Franz Burgmüller
Lesson in C, Op. 125 No. 7Anton Diabelli
Study in G: No. 6 from ‘The Wheel of Progress’, Op. 74, Book 1Thomas Dunhill
Melody: No. 5 from ‘12 Easy Pieces’George Dyson
Banges Herzelein (Sad at Heart), Op. 47 No. 5Robert Fuchs
Farewell, Op. 98 No. 4Alexander Grechaninov
Child’s Song, Op. 48 No. 1Alexandre Guilmant
Profiter de ce qu’il a des cors aux pieds pour lui prendre son cerceau: No. 3 from ‘Peccadilles Importunes’ Tiresome Prank No. 3Eric Satie
Sailor’s Song: No. 11 from ‘Work and Play’Felix Swinstead
The Wild Horseman (Wilder Reiter), Op. 68 No. 8Robert Schumann
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