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Mozart 25 Early Pieces

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ABRSM Easier Piano Pieces 67.
The pieces in this album have been chosen from those composed by Mozart for harpsichord between the ages of five and nine, and include 14 pieces from the 'London Notebook' of 1784. Aside from illustrating the astonishing precocious talent of the young Mozart, they provide an attractive first collection of pieces by this great composer.


Adagio In D K.15o
Allegro In B Flat K.3
Allegro In C K.15a
Allegro In C K.1b
Allegro In C K.5a
Allegro In F K.1c
Andante In B Flat K.15ii
Andante In C K.1a
Andante In E Flat K.15mm
Andantino In C K.15b
Contredance In G K.15e
From The 'London Notebook' 1764-5
Menuett If F K.15oo
Menuett In A Flat K.15ff
Menuett In B Flat K.15pp
Menuett In C K.1f
Menuett In F K.15m
Menuett In F K.1d
Menuett In F K.2
Menuett In F K.4
Menuett In F K.5
Menuett In G K.15c
Menuett In G K.1e
Presto In B Flat K.15ll
Rondo In D K.15d
Rondo In F K.15hh 
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