Aulos 309AF U design treble recorder - finger disability model

Ref: Aulos 309AF new

  • 7 piece construction for personalised key positions
  • Curved windway and concave bell
  • Customisable treble recorder specially for people with finger disabilities
  • Dark brown with ivory trim
  • Made from ABS plastic
  • Supplied in a leatherette bag with cleaning rod, joint grease, glue (for fixing key positions) and rubber ring
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Info Full description
This 309AF finger disability model has been designed by Aulos to suit people who have limited ability with their hands. It is specially suited to people who have fingers that are short, missing or arthritic. A full chromatic scale from C to A (two octaves above) can be played using just 6 fingers, and if a 7th finger can be used, the range will be extended by 3 semitones.

All of the key holes are supplied in separate parts so that they can rotated/adjusted into place to suit the player's finger positions, and then glued together (glue included).

The recorder is modelled on the Bel Canto 309A; it has a concave bell, an arched windway and is 47.7cm in length. It's made from ABS plastic and is finished in the tradition 'dark brown with ivory trim'. Like all Aulos recorders it is tonally excellent with accurate intonation.

It is supplied in a leatherette case with a cleaning rod, thumb rest and joint grease.

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