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'Tis the season.... taking care of your voice during the Festive Period

Written by Anna Gower23/11/23

Taking care of your voice during the festive season is important for music teachers as the pressure mounts to put on those concerts and shows that are such an important part of making this time of the year so special. Even better is having enough voice left to be able to join in with the carol singing and to also ensure that we are well enough to enjoy the Christmas season with family and friends ourselves!

Here are some tips for looking after your voice during Christmas Concert season:

  • Don’t always sing along with the children: as well as giving your voice a rest, it also means you can hear and correct small mistakes as they happen rather than sing the piece over and over
  • Stay Hydrated: drink water as often as possible and try to to avoid too much caffeine or alcohol
  • Limit how much you use your voice and how: be mindful of how much you're talking or singing, and give your voice plenty of breaks. Try to avoid shouting or speaking loudly in noisy or crowded environments
  • Turn to technology: use a microphone or small PA system to support your voice when working with large groups of performers
  • Warm Up Your Voice: before singing or starting a rehearsal or lesson, warm up your voice.
  • Use Proper Technique: as we get tired, our posture suffers, we can start to feel tension in our neck and shoulders. This has an impact on how we use our voices. This tip is a great reminder to be aware of our general wellbeing and to take time to rest and to try to get enough sleep so that we feel well from head to toe!
  • Avoid Clearing Your Throat Excessively: instead of clearing your throat, which can be harsh on your vocal cords, try sipping water or swallowing gently to alleviate the urge to clear your throat.
  • Seek Professional Help if Needed: sometimes problems can recur if we don’t get them sorted out when they first occur. One of the hardest things for teachers is knowing when enough is enough, but remember your health comes first so if you need to take a sick day at this busy time, then that maybe necessary to avoid having to take longer off at a later date.