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Reasons to Choose Chamberlain Music for Musical Instrument Supplies

Written by John Hughes-Chamberlain14/08/23

Looking for a trusted music education supplier? In need of musical instruments for your school or educational establishment? Then Chamberlain Music is the number one instrument and equipment supplier to choose. We are proud to be a leading music education supplier, working with schools all over the UK and further afield, providing quality instruments and equipment.

If your educational institution needs instruments, but you’re unsure where to go, then Chamberlain Music can help. In this post, we take a look at some of the leading reasons why you should choose our services when looking to obtain musical instruments for your school - keep reading to learn more.

We Have Unrivalled Musical Knowledge and Experience

One of the main reasons to choose Chamberlain Music is that we have an unparalleled level of knowledge and music experience. We employ highly talented musicians, skilled technicians, and music industry experts.

All of our team are experienced in all aspects of music education supply, and we’re always happy to share our knowledge with customers when the opportunity presents itself. No matter whether you are an individual educational institution, an orchestra or even just a solo musician, you can count on our team to assist you professionally.

We Provide Storage and a Call Off Service

Lots of schools want to get musical instruments but perhaps don’t have the space and storage room available to store them. If this is the case, Chamberlain Music can provide you with free storage - we have a vast amount of space in our modern and secure warehousing facilities.

You will be able to benefit from our superb bulk discounts on instruments, and we’ll be able to forward your items whenever they’re needed. Our service is highly convenient and useful for schools with limited space for musical instruments; and it’s really affordable too.

We’re a One-Stop Shop

As part of our service, we provide a consolidation service that enables schools to make purchases from different suppliers in the UK, but get the entire order shipped from our warehouse in Haslemere.

We can ship in a single part or full contained load from our warehouse. You can organise via your own shipping agent and freight management, or leave it to us to arrange. We can manage the entire process, providing you with a reliable, dependable and efficient service.

Our Service is Quick and Efficient

Furthermore, another reason to choose our music education suppliers is that we provide an outstanding service to all customers. We pride ourselves on our fulfilment and dispatch operation, which has been developed and refined over several years.

Our team works incredibly hard to ensure that every order is processed and dispatched on the same working day. We provide order tracking and email notification as part of our leading service.

All of the items we supply are scanned on entry and exit, and we also have CCTV that monitors all booking in and items before they’re placed in cartons prior to shipping. This enables us to limit the chances of human error and be incredibly accurate with our service.

Interested in Musical Instruments for Schools?

Do you need to acquire musical instruments or musical equipment for your school in the UK? If the answer is yes, then Chamberlain Music is the best choice for you. We have years of experience in providing musical instruments to schools and educational institutions - having supplied more than 20,000 schools. We have also supplied British international schools in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the Far East.

Our instruments are sourced and imported from all around the world, ensuring that they’re of the highest quality and standard for clients. For example, we source our samba instruments from Brazil, our djembes from Bali, piano stools directly from Italy, and steel pans from the USA. All of these instruments are of the finest quality, so you’ll be getting the best products available.

If you would like to get in touch with us regarding musical instruments for your school, then please contact us today on sales@chamberlainmusic.com or call us on 01428 658806. We’re here to answer any questions you may have, discuss your requirements in more depth, and provide you with further information about all of our music education services.