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Online resources for creating and mixing beats and samples

Written by Anna Gower25/09/23

For primary aged children especially, it can be difficult to access the hardware and specific gear that allows them to create and mix their own beats and start to explore sampling. Being familiar with produced sound that they hear all the time in contemporary music around them, younger children really enjoy being able to recreate the electronic sounds that they are familiar with. However, most primary schools prioritise the purchase of more traditional instruments, rather than invest in music technology and production, so it is great that more and more online platforms are becoming available for young people to explore for free via their internet browser on their own devices.

Here are our top 3 online resources to help your primary students get started on their journey to DJing and producing at the touch of a button!

  1. Programme your own drum patterns using the Roland 50 Studio which is an online version of the Roland TR-808 drum machine.

  2. Ableton Playground uses a step sequence approach, but moves beyond simple beat programming allowing users to programme other instruments using a step sequence approach.

  3. Citizen DJ is a large collection of sounds provided for free by the US library of congress which comes with a handy tool to get creative with mixing the samples.

If you are interested in learning more about music software, check out the software pages on the Chamberlain Music website, or contact our sales team for more information.