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NEWS - Music Mark publishes monthly Research Round Up

Written by Anna Gower17/08/23

As busy Music teachers, it is hard to find the time or headspace to keep up with the latest research around what we are doing day to day in the classroom and it can be time consuming trying to find relevant and useful articles to read.

So it’s great to see that Music Mark have started a monthly round up of useful things to read, the first of which is here:


Finding time to read around the day job helps us to:

  • Improve our teaching skills by learning more about the different ways that students learn music, how to create more effective learning experiences for students, and consider how to be more responsive to the needs and musical interests of our students
  • Make more informed decisions about choices over curriculum, and approach and understand the impact of different teaching strategies on learning
  • Build a stronger case for music education. Research can help music teachers to demonstrate the value of music education to parents, school leadership, and even the students themselves. This can help to ensure that music education remains a priority in schools and communities.