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NEWS – Andy Gleadhill’s Slap Djembe honoured at Music & Drama Education Expo

Written by Tom Wild28/02/24

Andy Gleadhill’s Slap Djembe book has won the 2024 Music and Drama Education Expo award for Outstanding Music Education Print Resource. Written by renowned world percussion and education expert Andy Gleadhill, in collaboration with Percussion Plus, this resource empowers educators by providing engaging lesson plans which aim to introduce both students and teachers to the djembe.

Tailored specifically for the KS2 and KS3 music curriculum, Andy Gleadhill’s Slap Djembe is a treasure trove of vibrant rhythms from a multitude of countries and cultures. Packed with engaging content, including fun facts and performance notes, it also features an easy-to-follow bespoke notation system which is perfect for djembes and similar drums. Percussion Plus have even recently rolled out some online resources for interactive whiteboards, making the content of the book even easier for teachers to deliver! Each of the 12 rhythms can be taught over a structured 10-week lesson plan – that’s 3 academic years’ worth of djembe teaching material!

Judges' Statement:

'The judges agreed that this was an original and comprehensive resource for teachers: Perfect for visual learners, well planned and sequenced, with an innovative use of video. The judges were particularly impressed with how the resource engaged with rhythm and notation in a culturally sensitive and progressive way.'

To read more about the resource and how it can be useful in the classroom, check out our article all about the Slap Djembe resource HERE.