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Make the most of... Your display board

Written by Anna Gower15/08/23

Oh sigh. It’s that time again. That message pops into your inbox - a reminder to refresh the display boards around the department. You can chuck up some laminated key words and leave them there until they fall down. Buy some posters and hope for the best. Or maybe it’s time to trawl the internet for some inspiration and then realise that you could never be that good with a staple gun….

Many schools have guidelines about what can and can’t be put on display, but there is usually one board or corner where you can have free reign to create something really amazing and useful. Think about the purpose of the display. Maybe it is:

  • To showcase the amazing things that go on at the school. Primary children love to see photos of themselves on the wall, High school students perhaps less so, but their parents love it!
  • Providing a visual aids to something the students are currently learning. If so then refer to it in your lessons!
  • A chance to share some information about what is going on in the department this term to remind you to tell them where they should be when
  • Unfinished because it is a working wall that is built and created through photos and notes, a QR code to a recorded outcome etc  as you work through a unit of work
  • Something new and exciting about music that they haven’t thought about before which captures their imagination and inspires creativity

Regardless of what you choose, make your displays a representation of what goes on in your department and get your students involved in designing, creating and looking after this small part of their learning space. The best displays reflect the important part our students play in bringing the music department to life through the enjoyment of creating and engaging with music every day.