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Percussion Plus samba pack for 10 players

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Info Full description

Introducing the Percussion Plus samba pack for 10 players

Featuring a diverse range of percussive instruments, the Percussion Plus samba pack provides all the essential elements required to craft a lively samba ensemble in your classroom.

Great for musical engagement, samba provides students with an immersive musical experience focused on creating rhythmic patterns and developing key skills such as coordination, timing and listening.

Teaching samba is also a great way of giving students the opportunity to explore and appreciate the diverse cultural elements embedded in the genre.

What's included

1x 10" (25cm) Repinique

The repinique is a medium sized cylindrical drum that adds a lively and dynamic voice to the samba ensemble. The instrument is often played with one hard drumstick and an open hand, and is worn using a shoulder strap, usually around waist high and slightly tiled to the player’s right side.

1x 14" and 18” Surdo drums

The surdo is a large cylindrical drum with a deep shell and is played in a variety of ways with the most common using one soft padded beater and an open hand to dampen the sound. Occasionally it is played with two beaters in either hand and sometimes with a soft beater on the drumhead and a hard drumstick striking the side or shell of the drum. The surdo drum is fundamental within samba music, often forming the core heartbeat and rhtyhm of the samba ensemble, with its loud, deep tone.

1x Snare drum with vest harness

The snare drum, equipped with a comfortable vest harness, produces a vibrant, loud sound, while also offering great mobility while playing. Easy to play, simply strike the head and enjoy how the crisp, sharp sound significantly enhances the samba ensemble.

2x Izzo 6” ABS tamborim in white

The tamborim is a small, single-headed drum held in one hand, adding intricate, lively rhythms to the samba ensemble. It is played by holding the tamborim in one hand while using a samba stick to strike the drumhead with their dominant hand, allowing for precise and vibrant percussive patterns to be created.

2x Double agogo bells

Agogo bells are pairs of differently pitched metal funnel shaped bells, one high and one low, that are played with a wooden stick to create melodic accents and a distinct, lively timbre.

2x Metal shaker

The Percussion Plus metal ganza shaker is simple yet effective, producing a wonderfully crisp sound when shaken, making it lots of fun to play. Made of durable metal, the metal shaker is able to withstand long classroom use.

1x Samba whistle with cord

The Percussion Plus samba whistle with cord makes a loud, high pitched sound that is great for giving cues to other musicians. This tri-tone whistle is made from solid plastic and features a neck lanyard to help keep it secure.

1x Wak-a-Tubes Diatonic set of 8

Brightly coloured, these plastic wak-a-tube instruments are made from different lengths of plastic tubing. They’re fun and easy to play and are great for teaching children essential team working skills. With great versatility, you can whack them against the surface, hit them against each other, or lay them out on a flat surface and strike them with beaters.


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Spec Specification
Included in this pack:1x 10" repinique
1x 14" surdo drum
1x 18" surdo drum
2x Izzo 6" ABS tamborim in white
2x Double agogo bells
2x Metal shaker
1x Samba whistle with cord
1x Wak-a-Tubes
1x snare drum with vest harness
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