IZ6551,IZ6552,IZ6553,IZ6554,IZ6555 - Izzo ABS 6
IZ6553 - Izzo ABS 6
IZ6551,IZ6552,IZ6553,IZ6554,IZ6555 - Izzo ABS 6
IZ6553 - Izzo ABS 6

Izzo ABS 6" tamborim - Black

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Introducing the Izzo ABS 6" tamborim

The shallow tamborim is traditionally hit with a double or triple pronged plastic stick, and plays the distinctive high pitched syncopated rhythms in a samba band. As it's quite small, you’ll probably need more than one to cut through the texture.

This model has a single 6" white synthetic skin that can be tightened by using the supplied key to adjust the hook tuners. Unlike most larger samba drums which are traditionally made of aluminium, these tamborims are made from ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) a hard rubber also used to make Lego and clarinets among many other things.

We are proud to be the sole importers for Izzo who have been manufacturing top quality instruments in Brazil for more than 60 years.

Izzo are particularly well known for their smaller drums - the pandeiros and tamborims - and even these colourful ABS models are made to an extremely high standard.
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