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Microphones - A1 educational poster

5055964112127 brand: Genesis Images
Stock code: Genesis Images GNS-15
  • A1 landscape (841x594mm) informative wallchart
  • Durable 120gsm silk poster paper
  • Features an eye catching design with engaging diagrams
  • Includes information about dynamic, ribbon, condenser, and electret mics
  • Features three detailed polar pattern diagrams
  • Ideal for classroom, practice room or studio walls
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Introducing the microphone wall poster

This educational wallchart from Genesis Images neatly explains the different types of microphones – dynamic, ribbon, condenser, and electret – and their respective applications. It also features three detailed diagrams, which show the difference between omnidirectional, figure-of-eight and cardioid polar patterns.

Each poster is expertly designed, eye-catching and full of detailed information. They’re also made from quality 120gsm silk poster paper, which is durable and built to last for many years.

These wallcharts are the perfect way for teachers to decorate their music classroom, practice room or studio walls with useful information for students of different ages to learn from.

This poster can be purchased on its own or as part of the convenient and cost effective GNS-41 set of 8. The posters in the Musical Technology series are designed to teach a wide variety of musical knowledge and skills.


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