CEL56PGL - Yamaha keyboard glockenspiel celesta with 56 keys Default title
CEL56PGL - Yamaha keyboard glockenspiel celesta with 56 keys Default title
CEL56PGL - Yamaha keyboard glockenspiel celesta with 56 keys Default title
CEL56PGL - Yamaha keyboard glockenspiel celesta with 56 keys Default title
CEL56PGL - Yamaha keyboard glockenspiel celesta with 56 keys Default title
CEL56PGL - Yamaha keyboard glockenspiel celesta with 56 keys Default title

Yamaha keyboard glockenspiel celesta with 56 keys

4957812572880 brand: Yamaha
Stock code: Yamaha CEL56PGL
  • Dimensions: (WxHxD) 105 x 108 x 65cm
  • Equipped with soft pedal
  • Fitted with deer horn hammers
  • High quality Yamaha keyboard glockenspiel
  • Weight: 72kg
  • Wonderful overall sound quality and resonance
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Info Full description

Introducing the Yamaha keyboard glockenspiel celesta with 56 keys

The Yamaha CEL56PGL keyboard glockenspiel is a beautifully constructed instrument. It is made entirely by hand, in very limited numbers and generally to special order.

A Celesta represents a significant investment for any school or orchestra and are purchased to add a distinct tonal colour and sound variation to any piece which calls for it.

The CEL56PGL is, what Yamaha would describe, as their top of the range Celesta. It is a 56 note model and incorporates high quality deer horn hammers.

It is these hammers which give the CEL56PGL model its distinctly clear, bell-like sound. The primary design innovation that Yamaha have brought to the Celeste is to incorporate a grand piano action into the overall design.

This makes the instrument far easier to control than older Celestas which often have a more clunky, spring loaded action. The keys are full length and covered with 'Ivorite' and unstained Ebony, all of which encourages a more natural and comfortable playing position.

The instrument has a light, positive touch and a very positive response. This model has two pedals, both soft and sustain, which again utilise the Yamaha piano divisions design expertise.

This instrument is specifically designed so that the player has a direct line of sight to the conductor. Given that this instrument occupies a space right at the back of the orchestra with the Percussion section this is particularly important.

The instrument cabinet is crafted of oak veneer which is stained to resemble mahogany. It has metal grills and brass pedals. The instrument also has four solid, lockable castors which ensure that that it easy to move and very secure when locked in position.

This instrument is bespoke made and produced in very limited numbers.

Chamberlain Music has become a Yamaha top dealer for this very specialist instrument. We have supplied Celeste to a number of special clients, most notably the Boston Symphony Ballet and the James Taylor Quartet - the latter devoting an entire album to exploring the possibilities of this unique instrument - we even have a 'thank you' in the sleeve notes of which we are rather proud!

The Celesta or Celeste or Cheleste, (all names are appropriate!) is a very distinct instrument. Although it is not often used it is incredibly easy to recognise when it is written for. The most obvious pieces to utilise the Celeste are Tchaikovsky's 'Nutcracker Suite' which has several well known passages and for modern cinema goers the 'Harry Potter' theme.

Yamaha's involvement in Celeste manufacture came about in the late 1980's.

Up until that point most orchestras had been using elderly instruments produced by the French company Mustel. The Mustel company in fact ceased production in the 1970's and an awful lot of their remaining instruments were in rather bad repair. In 1989 Yamaha were approached to try and repair one of these older Mustel models and at this point the joint effort of the Yamaha piano and percussion divisions joined forces to put together a design for an all new model range.

Yamaha were able to make some important design changes to the Celeste. Whereas the older Mustel models incorporated a spring loaded action which propelled the hammers downwards, Yamaha essentially scaled down a grand piano action which provided a much greater degree of overall control.

Today the Yamaha range of Celeste consist of 3 models. Each one is distinct, produced entirely by hand and essentially made to order. Yamaha are now the foremost producer of the modern Celeste and their instruments now seen in some of the most famous orchestras in the world!

The Yamaha range of Celesta
53 note model
Sustain pedal
Felt covered hammers
4 lockable castors

56 note model
Sustain and soft pedal
Felt covered hammers
4 lockable castors

56 note model
Sustain and soft pedals
Deer horn hammers
4 lockable castors


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Spec Specification
Dimensions(WxHxD) 105 x 108 x 65cm
PedalEquipped with soft pedal
HammersFitted with deer horn hammers
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