UK205-nat12 - Octopus Academy soprano ukulele classroom pack of 12 Natural

Octopus Academy soprano ukulele classroom pack of 12 - Natural

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Stock code: Octopus UK205-NAT12
  • The best education ukulele now in better value 12 packs
  • Well-crafted tone woods produce a warm and resonant sound
  • Refined production for top quality construction and finish
  • Fitted with Aquila Nylgut strings
  • Supplied with quality, Octopus branded gig bags
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Academy Soprano Ukulele 12-pack

Octopus has been providing high quality beginner ukuleles for almost a decade, and the Academy series carries this tradition forward. It is a core part of the Octopus brand philosophy that an instrument should encourage and inspire the player. This is especially important for a first instrument which can make the difference between a lifelong passion and a passing fad gathering dust. These 12 packs offer the most popular instruments from this well established range in a convenient master carton of 12 pieces – ideal for kitting out music hubs, ukulele clubs and school music departments. Explore the depths of your inner musician with the most popular instrument of the moment, and trust Octopus to deliver a standard of instrument which belies the modest price point.

Build quality

These Octopus ukuleles are built to be enjoyed for a lifetime. The classical guitar style bridge is accurately bonded directly to the body for excellent sound production and reliability.
The tuning pegs are geared like a guitar meaning the strings are easier to tighten and will hold their pitch for longer. The side walls of the body are fully lined for stability, sound projection and high-quality appearance. Every edge and all the frets have been smoothed and finished to a standard higher than many more expensive instruments.

The Octopus
Ukulele Academy

Once you have your new ukulele to hand, you’re ready to benefit from the wealth of tuition material which comprises the Octopus Ukulele Academy. Available online at no cost, beginners and advancing players alike can benefit from the teaching skills and playing prowess of our very own Andy Eastwood. These structured, bite-sized lessons form an ever-expanding collection of invaluable information passed down from our uke virtuoso to the Octopus online community.

Aquila Nylgut® strings

Each ukulele comes fitted with Aquila Nylgut® strings as standard, the best in the world for intonation and tone. Produced exclusively in Italy, the Aquila factory produces approximately 300,000 ukulele strings every day – that’s enough to re-string 75,000 Octopus ukuleles!

Free carry case

When not in use, your Octopus can protect itself from spills and splashes by hiding in your handy gig bag which acts as a carrying case, supplied free with every instrument.

Size and range

The soprano (or standard) is the most widely used size of ukulele, measuring 21in (53cm) in total. It has twelve frets and a total range between C4 and A5.

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