Trevor James TJ5X straight head student flute outfit

Ref: Trevor James TJ3005EW new
  • Superb entry-level flute
  • Fine quality construction with silver-plated head, body and keys
  • Straight headjoint and a traditional lip plate
  • Precision keywork with closed hole key mechanism
  • High quality pads and accurate, airtight seal
  • Supplied with a lined wooden case with fleece-lined case cover
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Info Full description

The TJ5X student flute is the younger sibling of the award-winning 10X model, and combines excellent build quality and features with great affordability.

Perfect for beginners

This flute has an attractive silver-plated finish, which ensures that the finest tone is produced. It also features a high quality straight head, which is carefully designed to have superb playability, making it particularly suitable for beginner players. The standard ‘C’ footjoint allows the student to play all the way down to bottom C.

Reliable tuning

The instrument is designed with precision keywork and each key press is positive and secure. Accurate high quality pads and an airtight seal help to ensure the reliable performance and tuning of the flute.

Helpful features to encourage practice

Its closed hole design suits this instrument to entry-level players as it makes the flute easier to play than other open hole models. The split-E mechanism is also beneficial to beginner players, making the top E note easier to play and producing a bright sound without affecting any other notes.

Includes everything you'll need

Like all the wind instruments we sell, this flute will receive a free setup before delivery from our specialist technician. This outfit also includes a quality wooden case and cover, providing a safe and convenient way of transporting and storing your instrument.


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Spec Specification
Lip typeTraditional lip
KeyworkClosed hole
E mechanism
Tone holesDrawn
Footjoint typeC foot
Headjoint shapeStraight head
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