AC-BS - Hiscox AC-BS standard acoustic guitar hard case Default title
AC-BS - Hiscox AC-BS standard acoustic guitar hard case Default title
AC-BS - Hiscox AC-BS standard acoustic guitar hard case Default title
AC-BS - Hiscox AC-BS standard acoustic guitar hard case Default title
AC-BS - Hiscox AC-BS standard acoustic guitar hard case Default title
AC-BS - Hiscox AC-BS standard acoustic guitar hard case Default title

Hiscox AC-BS standard acoustic guitar hard case

2222248146007 brand: Hiscox Cases
Stock code: Hiscox Cases AC-BS
  • Sturdy black and silver case for acoustic guitars around the "Dreadnought" size
  • Triple Shield Technology for exceptional protection against breakage
  • Original lightweight LITEFLITE construction
  • Withstands an immense 500kg (½ tonne) crushing weight
  • Thermo-balance engineering keeps guitar in tune for longer
  • 1 year warranty extendable to 5 years
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Info Full description

Introducing the Hiscox CL-BS standard classical guitar hard case

This Hiscox hard case provides superb protection for dreadnought acoustic guitars, giving you peace of mind about the safety of your instrument. Its Liteflite construction features maximum protection and minimum weight, and the interior of the case has foam additional padding at key points (body, neck joint and head) to give added protection and security. To ensure the correct fit, please check the specifications against the measurements of your guitar. So long as your instrument fits properly, the Hiscox case will do the rest!

Triple shield technology

Every Hiscox case has unique Triple Shield Technology giving your instrument the exceptional lightweight protection relied on by over 600,000 musicians world-wide.

Crush Strength: Hiscox cases can withstand an immense 500kg (½ tonne) crushing weight on them whilst keeping your instrument completely safe inside.

Shock Absorbance: Hiscox’s unique Shock Absorbance Technology reduces even heavy impacts to safe levels keeping your instrument protected even in the toughest conditions.

Thermal Insulation: Each case includes Thermo-Balance Engineering that resists changes to temperature, keeping your instrument in tune longer.

Incredible Crush Strength

Place this case flat and it can withstand the weight of five people. In fact, a Hiscox case can comfortably bear over ½ tonne – that’s equivalent to a grand piano or a horse! Ensuring your instrument is safeguarded by one of the sturdiest cases in the industry, capable of enduring the most intense pressures.

Tough Outer Shell

These cases utilize the highest-grade ABS plastic for the outer shell – the same material as Lego, renowned for its durability! ABS is 100% waterproof, colorfast, resistant to fading even under direct sunlight. It's easy to clean, resistant to scuffs and scrapes, ensuring your case maintains its appearance even after years of use.

Shock Absorbing Technology

Between the outer shell and the lining lies Hiscox's unique Shock Absorbing Technology (SAT), employing a proprietary blend of polyurethane to create one of the most shock-absorbent materials on the market. It bonds to the outer shell and the lining to create one solid structure that absorbs even the most severe shocks and gives the case its superior strength and toughness in a lightweight case.

Luxurious Lining

Inside, you'll find sumptuous luxury crush velour, providing both an elegant aesthetic and practical features. First, it’s non-shedding which is crucially important since you don’t want to be picking strands of fibre out of your instrument mid-performance. It’s also dye-fast (to level 5 – the highest standard anywhere in the world) which means there’s no risk of the dye ‘bleeding’ into your instrument even if it’s spent years in the case. (Hiscox field tested this with a white Brian May guitar which stayed in a case for over a decade and is still pristine!).

Exceptional Temperature Control

Every Hiscox case incorporates Thermo-Balance Engineering (TBE), preventing rapid temperature changes inside the case to maintain your instrument's tuning regardless of weather conditions. Ivory shell models further enhance this technology, consistently remaining cooler than black cases when exposed to heat sources.

Anti-Whiplash Guard

These cases securely cradle your instrument, cushioning against blows and vibrations that could cause damage, with padding strategically placed to allow vibrations to pass through while reducing harm to your guitar.


Every material, from polyurethane to aluminum, is chosen for its strength, durability, and lightweight properties, offering optimal protection and carrying comfort.

Handle (Without care)

The uniquely designed handle provides a comfortable grip and balanced carrying experience, capable of withstanding substantial weight. Hiscox have even angled the case (where possible), so you don’t have to adjust your grip as you go up or down stairs. And although no one has invented the 100Kg guitar our handle can easily withstand that pull-weight and more!

The Finest Fixings

Aluminum bands ensure a tight fit, adding rigidity to the case, while double-lipped designs enhance water resistance. Steel nickel-plated latches, hinges, and handles guarantee durability and trouble-free use for decades.

Hiscox Finishing Touches

Bit Boxes provide ample space for carrying essentials like strings, picks, and tuners, keeping you organized and prepared. Each guitar case features a cavity for the strap pin, distributing pressure evenly to prevent damage. Case lids are engineered with Safe Space design to prevent pressure on switches and knobs, safeguarding delicate technology.

1 year warranty extendable to 5 years

All Hiscox products come with a 1-year warranty as standard but if you register your product with the you can get 5-year warranty for free This will guarantee the product against any manufacturing failure ensuring that your Hiscox case is in full and perfect working condition.

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Spec Specification
Lower Bout413mm
Upper Bout292mm
Body Length521mm
Body Depth129mm
Empty Weight4.71kg
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