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Jazzlab mouthpiece silencer for woodwind instruments

Ref: Jazzlab SAXSILENCER new
  • Mouthpiece not included
  • Drastically reduces volume without hindering technique
  • Ideal for practicing your embouchure and breathing
  • Improve intonation, sound and articulation
  • Suitable for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone sax as well as clarinet
  • Supplied with detailed book and DVD for clear tips and exercises
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Info Full description
The SAXSILENCER is a very handy piece of kit! For those beginning to learn the Saxophone or Clarinet teachers often advise playing the mouthpiece only. This helps develop your embouchure and it is much easier to get a noise out of the actual instrument if you learn to 'play' the mouthpiece first. This is where the SAXSILENCER comes in. By attaching your mouthpiece to the SAXSILENCER you can practice in this way without making any noise which is particularly beneficial for family members and neighbors. The noise of a mouthpiece being played is not the most melodious sound in the world.....!

The silencer is comprised of 3 main components; housing, insert (mute) and coupling that all fit together quickly and easily. Made form high quality plastic, this is very durable and easy to clean after use and is supplied with couplings for clarinet, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone sax mouthpieces. You will only ever need to purchase one silencer for use with all of your different mouthpieces.

To use the silencer, simply screw on the appropriate silencer coupling, which is clearly marked with AS (alto sax), TS (tenor sax) etc. Then attach your mouthpiece and you are ready to practice your embouchure, breathing, intonation, modulation and articulation in a relaxed, quiet environment.

Also included is a detailed book filled from cover to cover with tips and exercises for improving your technique and an instructional DVD.

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