PBONE1R - pBone plastic B♭ tenor trombone Red
PBONE1R - pBone plastic B♭ tenor trombone Red
PBONE1R - pBone plastic B♭ tenor trombone Red
PBONE1R - pBone plastic B♭ tenor trombone Red
PBONE1R - pBone plastic B♭ tenor trombone Red
PBONE1R - pBone plastic B♭ tenor trombone Red
PBONE1R - pBone plastic B♭ tenor trombone Red
PBONE1R - pBone plastic B♭ tenor trombone Red

pBone plastic B♭ tenor trombone - Red

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  • Accurately pitched in Bb
  • Available in a range of bold colours.
  • Carrying case included
  • Perfect to encourage a younger player into the world of brass band playing
  • Weighing just 820g the pBone is much lighter than a brass trombone
  • More durable than a brass alternative
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Info Full description

The innovation of the pBone

The number of children and adults taking brass instrument lessons has exploded in recent years. One reason this may be the case is due to the development of plastic-made woodwind and brass instruments.

Designed by brass players, for brass players, the Jiggs pBone Bb trombone is a lightweight, plastic, fully-functioning instrument.

Pitched in Bb with an 11c small shank bore, the pBone is the perfect instrument for a child, for whom a brass trombone may be too heavy, or for players of any age wanting to pick up the instrument for the first time.

It is also perfect for returning players who may want a relatively inexpensive way to revisit their playing days.

Warm and clear sound

With a mellow tone which plays and sounds just like its brass counterpart, the pBone’s grip is designed for ease of access. As a standard trombone may be a bit of a stretch for smaller hands, Jiggs has created three different possible ways to hold the instrument, this making it accessible to all hand shapes and sizes.

Ingenious design

One particular benefit of the pBone is its slide. The composite slide tubes are not only made of a strong and durable fibreglass (thus putting an end to any unwanted dents) but also, due to their design, they even improve over time. The body of the trombone itself is also remarkably strong – you would be hard pressed to dent the bell on this instrument, and indeed pBones can withstand knocks and bumps which would write off a brass instrument – if dropped they simply bounce!

The pBone also has an easy-to-use lockable slide; simply twist into place using the handy diagram on the side of the instrument, and twist back to unlock. This makes it easy for any age of player.

Moreover, the pBone's plastic construction means it is easy to clean with soap and warm water, putting a stop to hefty prices for cleaning materials.

Let's get playing!

Most importantly though, the pBone is fun. Available in a range of eye catching, bright colours, the instrument is supplied as an outfit, complete with mouthpiece and carrying case. Why not introduce them to a music class for dynamic and entertaining lesson? Or take one along to your next gig to make you stand out from the crowd.

Includes matching (any standard small shank mouthpiece will fit the pBone)

The pBone opens the door for many more people to start their journey into the world of brass for the first time. Now you are all set and ready to go, let the fun begin…

pInstruments and the environment

pInstruments are serious about making music fun and accessible for all, but are also conscious and considerate of how their processes can effect the environment.

Working hard to reduce their environmental impact, pInstruments can proudly announce they are completely carbon neutral - but that is not all.

Here is how pInstruments consider the "3 R's" into all of their processes to further reduce their environmental impact -


  • All instruments are made using ABS plastic, using much less resources than the manufacture of traditional brass instruments.
  • Every time pInstruments make an instrument out of plastic rather than brass, the amount of carbon is reduced considerably
  • Since 2010, pInstruments have saved 2,8333,247 kg's of CO2


  • The beauty of ABS, is that any excess materials left over from the process can simply be melted down and re-used!
  • pInstruments are pretty indestructible, but in the case of a broken instrument, they can provide many replacement parts.
  • If you have an instrument you are no longer using, why not pass it onto a friend. This reduces waste with the added bonus of sharing and encouraging music with others.


  • pInstruments are recyclable under group 7, and can be recycled at certain central locations or by recycling specialists.
  • Contact your local recycling centre for advice

If you would like any more information on pInstruments steps to reduce environmental impact, please click the link below.

pInstruments and the Environment


To find out more about how Chamberlain Music can help, or to enquire about any of our brass instruments, please contact the team on:

Phone (01428) 658806 Email sales@
Spec Specification
Pitched inBb
Robust ABS one-piece bell construction with 8 inch bell.
Easy to hold and play thanks to a custom designed ergonomic grip.
Glass-fibre lockable slide makes for a smooth rhythmical action.
Water key.
Good quality carry bagIncluded
MouthpiecepBone 11csmall shank
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