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JP Instruments JP081 oboe outfit

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Info Full description
Due to the relatively low demand for double reed woodwinds, all oboe makers still build each instrument by hand which drives costs up and means there are many design variations. By using cheaper materials and automating some of the process, the experts at John Packer have finally managed to put out a range of affordable oboes that perform as well as many much more expensive instruments.

The JP081 is an impressive entry level oboe designed for young players and beginners. It features a British thumb plate reduced keywork system with manual octaves and silver plated plateau keys. By doing away with many of the complex linkages the instrument is lighter and less likely to get damaged. The reduced number of keys means that the lowest note available is a B rather than a Bb, but apart from that the missing keys are simply for shortcut fingerings and tone improvement automation which players are unlikely to need until grade 3/4 at least.

The ABS resin body isn't affected by temperature or humidity and is impervious to cracking which is a common problem with wooden instruments. Despite its relative cheapness, it responds just like a wooden alternative, with a remarkably sweet tone and large dynamic range.

As with all John Packer outfits this instrument is supplied with a high quality moulded carry case. It also comes with cleaning materials but,

PLEASE NOTE this oboe outfit does NOT include a reed. We recommend a medium soft reed for beginners - use the links on the right to browse through our selection. 

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