JP Instruments JP011MKII student flute outfit

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  • Durable and lightweight
  • Full sized, full keywork system flute with straight headjoint and offset G and split E mechanisms.
  • Silver plated keywork, head joint and foot joint
  • Supplied as an outfit with moulded case, shoulder strap, cleaning rod and cleaning cloth
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Info Full description
John Packer are renowned for providing starter instrument for young players wanting to pick up the flute for the very first time. This, the JP011MKII, is their second generation design. Slightly shorter than a full-size instrument, it provides a shorter reach for growing players, allowing them to progress with ease without using a curved head joint.

The entire instrument - headjoint, footjoint and keywork – are all silver plated, improving the tone of the instrument and giving it an appealing shine. Durable keywork provides comfort for shaky hands.

Having the right sized flute is incredibly important for growing players. The shorter length of the JP011MKII allows players with shorter arms to reach the full keywork with ease, thus avoiding poor posture and encouraging good technique

A split E mechanism is provided, which allows players to reach the higher registers of the instrument with greater ease, encouraging practice and helping a younger player produce more accurate sounds from quite early on.

Furthermore, an offset G mechanism is built in. Being positioned on a separate rod means that the keys are easier to play and offer a more natural positioning of the hands. Furthermore the design means that the keys are less susceptible to damage when disassembling the instruments or putting them back together – perfect for notice, nervous hands!

Due to the lack of more advanced keywork such as the trill keys (which are not needed until the higher grades), these instruments are lightweight, allowing younger players with less arm strength to hold the flute upright for extended periods of time with ease. This encourages the best posture – a habit which once learned is never forgotten.

The flute is supplied as an entire outfit with semi-hard case, cleaning rod and cloth. The moulded case with purpose built internal compartments provide soft cushioned protection for your instrument and the exterior of the case is equipped with a handy side pocket – perfect for those extra accessories. Complete with shoulder strap, this makes it a convenient package to transport to and from school or orchestral practices.

It is in all of these ways that the JP011 rivals its competitors within the market. A fond favourite within the musical education sector, this is one of our most popular starter instruments, boasting simplicity and ease of use alongside warm tones. If you are looking to give a novice younger player a head start in the world of flute playing, this is the instrument for you.

Customer review by Sonia Fraser, Gateshead Schools' Music Service:

I have been very surprised at the quality, tone and ease of use of these instruments. The children have managed to easily achieve a good tone and the slightly smaller size (only slight) has allowed them to gain a greater gain of control than the more well known brands without the need for a curved head piece.

They are also lighter than the Yamaha flutes, which I personally believe aids beginners in achieving the desired posture and positioning necessary for good tone. Very pleased with the tone, as even on the first lesson the children were able to produce pleasing tones for their first attempt which of course has encourgaged them to practice and are already making good progress.

I think these flutes are as good as any on the market for beginners and feel the children should be able to get to at least grade 4 on these instruments before any upgrade would need to be considered. Thank you very much from the children and myself for making this opportunity possible and I hope my feedback has been useful. Regards Sonia Fraser Gateshead Schools' Music Service

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