EJ43 - D'Addario Pro Arte classical guitar strings Light

D'Addario Pro Arte classical guitar strings - Light

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  • Excellently matched for optimum playing tension
  • Light, normal, hard, and extra hard tension available
  • Rigorous quality control and checking
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The D'addario Pro Arte classic guitar strings

Set of 6 Clear Nylon / Silverplated Wound Classical Guitar Strings. Pro-Arte strings are the world's best selling and D'Addario's premium classical guitar strings. All Pro-Arte treble strings are sorted by a sophisticated computer-controlled laser machine which performs diameter/tension measurements and quality checks, insuring true sounding, precise trebles in every set.

Pro-Arte basses are wound using silverplated copper on a multi-filament nylon core. Available in four tensions, there is the perfect choice for any player.

Driven by precision

All Pro-Arte treble strings are manufactured with the in-house extruded nylon, ensuring consistent strings with precise intonation. Pro-Arté basses are wound using silver-plated copper on a multi-filament nylon core for consistent and warm, yet projecting tone.

Polished for a smooth finish

Semi-polished classical guitar strings feature a flattened wrap wire surface for maximum finger noise reduction, making them ideal for use with microphones on stage or in the recording studio.

Exceptional accuracy

D'addario's polymer extrusion line produces strings with exceptional control over string diameter and concentricity. These variables ensure the accurate tension and intonation of every string we make.

Laser focused precision

Two-axis laster micrometers continuously monitor the polymer extrusion process, ensuring precise control of string diameter and concentricity. This process results in consistent string tension and accurate intonation.

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