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Magnetic music symbols 1 - notes, rests, clefs, and dynamics

Ref: Chamberlain Music WMN10 new
  • Each sheet 200mm x 300mm
  • For a good selection, suggest purchase one each of WMN10, WMN20, WMN30 and WMN40
  • For use with magnetic whiteboards
  • Pack contains notes, rests accidentals and expression markings
  • Perfect for music lessons, theory classes and GCSE preparation
  • Single sheet of magnetic music symbols
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Info Full description
This is a single sheet of magnetic musical symbols consisting of rests, accidentals and time signatures. In total there are 33 individual symbols each in solid, easy to see, black print. Each sheet is a little narrower than standard A4 size, at 200mm x 300mm and each of the symbols are just under a millimeter thick.

These symbols have lots of uses, perhaps the most obvious is along side our range of metal Magiboard white boards some of which have a pre-printed musical stave which is the perfect size for these characters. They are valuable up to GCSE level and beyond and have lots of educational uses too. Private music teachers purchase them for use in lessons, parents with children studying for the early theory exams have them cluttering up the fridge door and they even work in the bath!!

The symbols are on a single sheet and are 'kiss cut', so they are easy to break apart.

Four different sheets are available.

At Chamberlain Music we also supply a large range of Magiboard white boards, some blank but a number with pre-printed music staves for which these magnetic symbols are the perfect accessory. 
Spec Specification
Dotted crotchetIncluded
Treble clefIncluded
Dotted minimIncluded
A bars restIncluded
Bass clefIncluded
Crotchet restIncluded
Semi quaverIncluded
Quaver restIncluded
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