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Buffet Prodige Bb student clarinet outfit

Ref: Buffet BC2541-2-0 new
  • Durable silver-plated keywork
  • Poly-cylindrical bore adds depth to sound
  • Replacement for the consistently popular B12 model
  • Superb Bb Clarinet for beginners, made from ABS polymer resin
  • Supplied in a backpack-style case with reed and accessories
  • 'Urban play' mouthpiece for free-blowing
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Info Full description
Replacement model for the very popular Buffet B12 model

2016 saw the launch of the Buffet Prodige. This instrument occupies a very important place within our range of student clarinets as it effectively replaces the incredibly well known and respected Buffet B12. This new instrument can certainly be seen as a development of this popular model and the new instrument combines features from the B12 along with design influences from their more expensive intermediate and professional models.

Made out of durable ABS polymer resin, the clarinet has been finished in a wood-effect, accurately depicting the Grenadilla wood of higher-end models of clarinet. This not only gives the instrument a lovely polished finish, but perhaps more importantly the strengthened plastic helps to improve the tone of the instrument, producing a deep rich sound. Finally, it makes the whole instrument easier to clean, and is more durable than wood due to the fact that it is less affected by extremes in temperature. All of these features make the Buffet Prodige an ideal instrument for beginners.

The Buffet Prodige is completed with silver plated keywork, which deliver fantastic response as well as looking shiny and elegant. An adjustable thumb rest adds a degree of comfort, and a ring attached to the back of the instrument means that a sling can be easily attached to remove the pressure of holding an instrument over a long period of time - particularly benefitting the younger player.

The updated version of a B12 comes with a whole host of novel features. Firstly, a newly-developed 'urban play’ mouthpiece provides easy-blowing, making it easier than ever for beginners to produce a sound. Secondly, the instrument has been re-designed with a poly-cylindrical bore similar in style to an E13. This gives the instrument a much richer sound, more alike a higher-end wooden clarinet than a beginner student model. Finally, a re-design of the bell means that a textured bore further evens the tone and provides a consistency in note range.

Supplied as an outfit with backpack-style case, mouthpiece, ligature, reed and cleaning accessories, this instrument contains as an outfit everything you will need for taking your first steps to becoming a professional clarinettist.

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Spec Specification
Pitch442 Hz
BodyABS polymer resin
Poly-cylindrical boreTaken from the E13 model
17 or 18 keys6 rings
KeysSilver plated
Thumb restAdjustable
Rubber damper.
Blue steel springs.
MouthpieceUrban Play
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