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Music Express Year 3, Age 7 - 8 - New Edition

ISBN: 9781472900197, Ref: ACB-900197 new

  • Arranged in popular themes within the areas of learning and development
  • Book with 3 audio CD's and DVD
  • Includes great songs, stories, visuals, movies and music from across the world and across history
  • New editions of the popular Music Express series with all new content for 2014
  • Year 3, for ages 7 - 8 years
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Info Full description

The primary class teacher's easy answer to 'how do I teach music?' is now in a brand new edition with all new content!

Following the familiar structure of units, lessons and activities, it provides up-to-date delivery of the English National Curriculum from September 2014.

The new edition offers 60 completely new units of work, supplying musical learning from age 5 to 11. Just as its first edition, Music Express Second Edition presents an invaluable resource of great songs, stories, visuals, movies and music from across the world and across history. With new links to every subject and with lesson plans catering to all music curricula of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Music Express is relevant to all schools and all children.

Fully supported by CDs and audio-embedded whiteboard displays, the books take teachers and children alike on an enriching and thoroughly engaging journey of musical discovery and creativity.

Contents Contents
Table of Contents:Unit 1: EnvironmentThe Children explore songs and poems about places. They create accompaniments and sound pictures to reflect sounds in their local environment.Unit 2: BuildingThe sights and sounds of a building site provide the inspiration for exploring and creating rhythms. The children play games, sing and compose music to build into a performance.Unit 3: SoundsHow are sounds produced and classified? The children explore timbre and structure through music conversations in music from around the world.Unit 4: PoetryThree contrasting poems are explored and developed. The children use voices, body percussion, instruments and movement to create their own expressive performances.Unit 5: ChinaThe children explore the pentatonic scale and ways of notating pitch. They listen to traditional Chinese music, sing, read and compose music, ending in a musical celebration of Chinese New Year.Unit 6: TimeThe children develop their understanding of beat, metre and rhythm. They combine melodic and rhythmic patterns and use staff notation as part of a final performance.Unit 7: In The PastThe origins of pitch notations are introduced as the children make hand signals and compose three-note melodies. They learn basic dance steps and prepare a performance.Unit 8: CommunicationThe Children learn to make music inspired by technology and computing. They explore and compose sounds for earcons, emoticons, mobile phone ringtones, computer games and apps.Unit 9: Human BodySkeleton dances and songs teach the children about the human body. Percussion instruments are used to improvise, create word rhythms and build a final skeleton dance.Unit 10: Singing FrenchUn, deux, trois and away we go to enhance language learning through songs. Children are introduced to French greetings, vocabulary and numbers as they play lively singing games.Unit 11: Ancient WorldsExplore ancient Greece with music inspired by Orpheus, Echo and Theseus. The children perform a song cycle and a round and compose their own ostinati.Unit 12: Food And DrinkA feast of chants, songs and performances. Composing word rhythms, singing a round and creating musical recipes will develop the children’s skills from breakfast through to dinner time!
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