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Sixty for Sax

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An indispensable collection of sixty progressive studies for unaccompanied saxophone, suitable for E flat and B flat instruments. The book systematically covers aspects of technique, in order of difficulty... Read more
  • Instrumentation: Saxophone
  • Composer: Alan Bullard
  • Sixty progressive studies for unaccompanied saxophone
  • ABRSM Alto/Baritone Sax From 2022 Grade 1,3,4,6,7
  • ABRSM Soprano/Tenor Sax From 2022 Grade 1,3,4,6,7
  • ABRSM Saxophone (Alto/Baritone & Soprano/Tenor) 2018–2021 Grades 1-8
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Sixty for Sax

An indispensable collection of sixty progressive studies for unaccompanied saxophone, suitable for E flat and B flat instruments. The book systematically covers aspects of technique, in order of difficulty from Grades 1 to 8, while being carefully paced to provide lots of material at each level. Includes a fabulous variety of repertoire in classical, jazz and other contemporary styles for teachers and their pupils. 

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Contents Contents
Sax Steps OutAlan Bullard
Sorrowful SaxAlan Bullard
Sax PolonaiseAlan Bullard
Wandering SaxAlan Bullard
Lively SaxAlan Bullard
Sax in the CloudsAlan Bullard
Scherzando SaxAlan Bullard
Reflective SaxAlan Bullard
Fourth SaxAlan Bullard
Sax ValsantAlan Bullard
Spooky SaxAlan Bullard
Fluent SaxAlan Bullard
Saxophone ComiqueAlan Bullard
Sax VictorianaAlan Bullard
Alpine SaxAlan Bullard
Impetuous SaxAlan Bullard
Expressive SaxAlan Bullard
Seafaring SaxAlan Bullard
Toreador SaxAlan Bullard
Suburban SaxAlan Bullard
Sax FaxAlan Bullard
Samba SaxAlan Bullard
Smokey SaxAlan Bullard
Saxophone StompAlan Bullard
Strolling SaxAlan Bullard
Lamenting SaxAlan Bullard
Skilful SaxAlan Bullard
Festival SaxAlan Bullard
Melodious SaxAlan Bullard
Melancholy SaxAlan Bullard
Show-Stopping SaxAlan Bullard
Roundabout SaxAlan Bullard
Sax RelaxAlan Bullard
Plaintive SaxAlan Bullard
Ceilidh SaxAlan Bullard
Ragtime SaxAlan Bullard
Driving SaxAlan Bullard
Cheerful SaxAlan Bullard
Thoughtful SaxAlan Bullard
Scaly SaxAlan Bullard
Staccato SaxAlan Bullard
Classic SaxAlan Bullard
Singing SaxAlan Bullard
Agile SaxAlan Bullard
Saw Swings OutAlan Bullard
Stately SaxAlan Bullard
Grooving SaxAlan Bullard
Saxophone SentimentaleAlan Bullard
Sax FanfareAlan Bullard
Dancing SaxAlan Bullard
Dorian SaxAlan Bullard
Sax RockAlan Bullard
Reeling SaxAlan Bullard
Crotchety SaxAlan Bullard
Balanced SaxAlan Bullard
Hungarian SaxAlan Bullard
Sax CountryAlan Bullard
Sax CaféAlan Bullard
Echoing SaxAlan Bullard
Marching SaxAlan Bullard
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