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Jazz Piano Pieces, Grade 5

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Five superb albums of graded pieces provide a wealth of jazz repertoire. Read more
  • Instrumentation: Piano
  • 15 pieces of blues, standards and comtemporary jazz
  • Improvised section give guideline pitches
  • Publication date: 27/03/1998
  • 40 pages
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Jazz Piano Pieces, Grade 5

Five superb albums of graded pieces provide a wealth of jazz repertoire.

Throughout, there is a huge range of styles, from bebop blues to calypsos, boogie-woogie to ballads, jazz waltzes to free jazz. There are classic tunes by the jazz greats, including Duke Ellington, Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk. And there are brand-new pieces specially commissioned from professional British jazz musicians and educators.

Each album presents 15 pieces in three lists: blues, standards and contemporary jazz. The head of each piece is set out with all the characteristic voicings, phrasing and rhythmic patterns you need for a stylish performance. The improvised section gives guideline pitches and left-hand voicings as a practical starting-point.

Accessible, student-centred and of the highest musical standards, these pieces will get you playing jazz confidently and creatively. 

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Contents Contents
All BluesMiles Davis
Crossover BluesPete Saberton
Lemon CornetteNikki Iles
That Monday Morning FeelingRoland Perrin
Jamming with JoolsBrian Priestley
Christopher ColumbusLeon Berry
Blue BossaKenny Dorham
OleoSonny Rollins
34SkidooBill Evans
Take the ‘A’ TrainBilly Strayhorn
An Oscar for OscarRichard Michael
So LongChris Batchelor
Mambo CountryTerry Seabrook
Waltz for AutumnTerry Seabrook
ChopsChris Batchelor
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