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More Romantic Pieces for Piano, Book III

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• these five volumes of piano repertoire offer an ideal introduction to music from the Romantic period Read more
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More Romantic Pieces for Piano, Book III

• these five volumes of piano repertoire offer an ideal introduction to music from the Romantic period
• featuring works by great names such as Chopin, Schumann and Debussy as well as pieces by lesser-known composers from this prolific period of piano writing
• volumes are carefully graded and offer a variety of keys, time signatures and moods
• each volume provides invaluable practice and concert repertoire through the grades

48 pages
Publication date: 26/07/1990 

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Contents Contents
L’homme aux sabots (The man in clogs): No.23 from ‘Esquisses’, Op. 63Valentin Alkan
Au Berceau (In the cradle), Op. 39 No. 4César Cui
Nalada, Op. 41 No. 9Zdenek Fibich
Miniature, Op. 8 No. 10Aleksandr Fyodorovich Gedike
Vals Poetico (Poetic Waltz) No. 5Enrique Granados / Kevin Hathway
Romanze: No. 8 from ‘Miniatures’, Op. 172Cornelius Gurlitt
Prelude in E minorErnst Haberbier
Lied (Song), Op. 33 No. 10Adolf Jensen
Arabesque in G, Op. 6 No. 4Génari Karganov
Sad Moments, Op. 9 No. 5Erkki Melartin
Ein Tanzchen (A Little Dance): No. 7 from ‘Aus der Jugendzeit’ (From youthful days), Op. 17Max Reger
Sonata in D for the Young, Op. 118 No. 2: 3rd movement, Abendlied (Evening Song)Robert Schumann
Song (Pisen): No. 2 from ‘Album Leaves’, Op. 2Bedrich Smetana / Ralph Vaughan Williams
Birds and Bees, from ‘Spring Fancies’Arthur Somervell
Bluebells: No. 3 from ‘April Morn’William Alwyn
Stilles Gluck (Quiet Happiness), Op. 47 No. 21Robert Fuchs
Boys’ Merry-go-round (Ringeltanz): No. 2 from ‘Children’s Christmas’, Op. 36Niels Wilhelm Gade
Bien Sage (Be Good!), Op. 149 Book 1 No. 9Benjamin Godard
In my Homeland (Native Land), Op. 43 No. 3Edvard Grieg
Gipsy Dance (Zigeuner), Op. 136 No. 19Stephen Heller
Am Abend (In the Evening), Op. 88 No. 2Heinrich Hofmann
Bagatelle No. 1 from Trois bagatelles, Op. 53Anatoly Lyadov
Romance sans Paroles, Op. 77 No. 3Moritz Moszkowski
In the Garden (Im Garten), Op. 108 No. 1Eduard Schütt
L’Hirondelle (The Swallow), Op. 100 No. 24Johann Friedrich Franz Burgmüller
Mazurka in A minor, Op. 68 No. 2Fryderyk Chopin
Polka, Op. 39 No. 10 (published as No. 14)Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky
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