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Pass Grade 3 Theory

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  • Instrumentation: Theory
  • Assumes no prior formal training in music.
  • Can also be a foundation course for the Grade 5 volume.
  • Takes the student as far as the Associated Board Grade 3 theory level.
  • Suitable for anyone needing a slower introduction to music theory.
  • Spiral bound book makes for easy reading
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Info Full description
This companion volume to Pass Grade 5 Theory was published due to consumer demand. This book can be used as a stand-alone theory course for those who only wish to study to the level of Associated Board Grade 3 theory examination.

The author has extensive experience of teaching music theory both in schools and in private practice. This book is the product of that experience and the material in it has been used successfully with students of all ages from Year 6 to adult. It assumes no prior formal training in music theory.

If, having completed this course, a student decides they would like to progress to Grade 5 level then Pass Grade 5 Theory will provide all that they need. Although inevitably some of the explanation is similar, exercises have not been duplicated. Consequently this volume also serves as a useful source of extra material to reinforce some of the basic concepts introduced in Pass Grade 5 Theory should a student require this. 
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