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Steinberg USB eLicencer key

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  • Included with: Cubase Pro, Cubase Artist, Nuendo, WaveLab
  • Needed if you are using VST plugins outside of the Cubase platform
  • Often known as a 'Dongle' key
  • USB copy protection device
  • Required to open all Steinberg virtual instruments if you do not have Cubase
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Info Full description
The USB-eLicenser — also referred to as Steinberg Key or dongle — is a copy protection unit required by most Steinberg software products . It is included in the boxed versions of our host applications Cubase Pro, Cubase Artist, Nuendo and WaveLab Pro. Alongside with the host applications, many Steinberg VST instruments also require the USB-eLicenser. However, the dongle is not included in VST instrument product boxes and must be purchased separately if no USB-eLicenser is already in use.

The USB-eLicenser connects to your computer’s USB port and can store several Steinberg product licenses, due to the Steinberg copy protection system. You can also transfer licenses between USB-eLicensers, with certain limitations.

The USB Key is not included in the following software:
The Grand 3
HALion Sonic
HALion 4
RND Portico 5033 EQ
RND Portico 5043 Compressor
RND Portico 5033/ 5043 Bundle

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